Name: Purin Fon (Kikki Benjamin)
Name Meaning: Yellow Step Bell
Birthday: August 7 (Leo)
Height: 139cm (4'6")
Weight: 32 kilos (70.4 lbs)
Age: 10-11
Likes: Performing & Pudding

Endangered Animal: Purin is merged with the Golden Lion Tamarin/Golden Lion Marmoset. The Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. Golden Lion Tamarin have very strong legs which allow them to be very good climbers. They use their amazingly strong legs to climb into their nests up in trees, where a family of Golden Lion Tamarins would normally sleep. Golden Lion Tamarin live in the coastal lowland Amazon rain-forest of Brazil.

Mark: Purin's Mew Mew mark is on her forehead. The mark is two swirls with little marks underneath them.

Weapons: -- Puringu Ringu (Pudding Rings)
Purin's basic weapons. In the manga they look like and are about the size of hula hoops, and the orange one is just little smaller.

Attacks: -- Puringu Ringu Inferuno (Pudding Ring Inferno)
Purin's main attack. She uses her rings to trap creatures in the anime, in this blast of stuff (to use the only term). It looks kind of like jello.

Purin is the most perky character out of them all. She refers to everyone else as "Oneechan" (big sister) since she's the youngest. She's also very gymnastic and bounces everywhere, and is quite the performer, sometimes (most of the time) when she shouldn't. And, like Retasu, she makes things much more difficult for Ichigo at Cafe Mew Mew. Not because she's clumsy, but because she's way too eager and acts like she's performing when she should be serving. She's very cute, but very over-enthusiastic.

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