to "Afternoon Tea," a fanlisting, and mini shrine, belonging to Megan, dedicate to Tokyo Mew Mew, an anime manga series. This fanlisting has been up and running since March 10th, 2013. The navigation is above to the right. Tokyo Mew Mew will lead you to information pages on the series, the characters, and the books. Fanlisting is where you can just and show that you are a fan. It is a nice place to join with all of the other Tokyo Mew Mew lovers. Media will lead you to a nice selection of goodies that you can use and look at for livejournal, or even to put on your desktop wallpaper. This is also where you can find a gallery section of images for your personal enjoyment. Site is a place where you can find links to link back to Afternoon Tea if you do wish, and find out information on the site. Finally, Clear will return you back to this page. Have a nice look around and feel free to contact me at any time!

MEGAN x MARCH 10th, 2013

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