The first question we must ask ourselves is: What do we usually call an alien in our current reality? & Why do we call alien things, aliens? First, let's take a look at what, by definition, an alien is:


1. belonging to a foreign country or nation.
2. unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful.
3. relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds; extraterrestrial.
4. (of a plant or animal species) introduced from another country and later naturalized.


1. a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.
2. a hypothetical or fictional being from another world.
3. a plant or animal species originally introduced from another country and later naturalized.
The picture above to the right might make you smile (because that is the modern depiction of what an alien is). Alien's are represented as kind of goofy and unhuman-like, (sometimes even being a bit scary). In our modern day sci-fi movies, we often see aliens as extraterrestrials that want to take over planet Earth. Now, if we look in the case of our little alien girl, Starfire, that may have been her first impression to the citizens of Jump City as well. When Starfire fell down from the sky into the city, she started immediately destroying it (but to free herself from her chains, not to hurt others). At first glance, however, she did appear to be our modern day thought of an alien, minus the scary appearance. But, let's take a look at, and compare, her appearance to that of a normal human girl:

If we completely disregard her starbolt abilities here, and only look at her physical appearance, you may notice something that I did: Starfire does not have a belly button. Although in some of her official drawings it kind of looks like one is put there, throughout the animation, there is never a belly button. This could either be because they didn't want her to have one to seem more "alien-like," or because they were just lazy during the animation design process. She also has very tiny and bushy eyebrows, that we also see on many of the people from her home planet, Tamaran. These small things aside, Starfire has green eyes with light-green scleras (or in other words, the whites of her eyes are colored light-green). This weird green coloration in the scleras is a big thing that physically makes her different than the humans. Now, to the real differences:
1) Starfire has a long violet tongue
2) Starfire has nine stomachs, which helps her to store food during battle times
3) Starfire doesn't feel cold unless it drops down way below freezing.
4) Starfire isn't effected by radiation
5) Starfire is able to learn any language instantaneously through lip contact
6) Starfire's only known allergy is to metallic chromium
7) Starfire has bullet-proof skin, and is able to withstand massive explosions
8) Starfire can survive in the endless vacuum of outer space without the need of a spacesuit
The creators of Teen Titans stated in an interview that they wanted Starfire's character to appeal to children who weren't from America, or were new to their town. Starfire is a girl who overcomes the obstacles of being different culturally, and assimilates into a new world. However, her assimilation into Jump City's culture doesn't make her lose her own. We often see Starfire telling stories of back home, recreating meals that she eats on her home planet, and celebrating holidays. Although the Titans think some of the stuff she does is a bit... strange, they embrace it with open arms because Starfire is their true friend. Her "alien" character shows the youth that it's okay to be different as long as you always are yourself, and true friends will always follow. I think that Starfire really did her part to be that inspiration for kids.


During Episode 20, in Season 2 of Teen Titans, Starfire's body starts to go through a weird transformation. She becomes embarrassed of the way she looks, and tries to cover up all of her changes through changing her wardrobe (which looks ridiculous). Although she knew that Tamaranean's went through a type of "puberty-ritual," also known as "the transformation," Starfire wasn't really sure what was happening to her because it was worse than she had ever seen before. This type of puberty, in the end, gave Starfire a new ability to have laser-beams from her eyes, which ended up being really cool and useful. However, this puberty sets her apart from the human-female who goes through it. Below are the following things that happened to her:
1) A huge horn-like pimple on her forehead
2) Tusks formed on both sides of her neck
3) Her fingernails grew long and ugly, like a witch
4) She started having bizarre cravings for unusual foods, like flies
5) Her ears grew really long and pointy
6) Her skin began to grow scales like a snake
7) Her feet grew large and had a freakish amount of hair on them
At the end of this transformation, Starfire flew away to a far-away land because she felt too hideous to be around her friends. When she got there, she began to go into a cocoon type shell, where she was finishing her "transformation." When the cocoon shed, Starfire came out beautiful as ever, and had her new skills. She found out that the transformation she went through, although very rare, actually made her very tasty and vulnerable to the creatures out in space who sought out Tamaranean's like her.

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