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CREATED BY: Mathias, Thanks for the donation!!
TITLE: "Broken Bonds"
DESCRIPTION: "Some people asked me why I avoid painting Axel, and if I dislike him. I'll take this moment and reply to this question. I very much like Axel's character. The only reason why I do not like painting him is because he is one of the few Org13 members who's anatomy is really off. All of them have their anatomy off more or less, but Axel's is a bit too exaggerated and I am having difficulties emulating it in my paintings. I keep trying to 'correct' his anatomy, but doing that makes Axel look no longer like Axel. So I prefer not to paint him. I may do one more portrait of him, (to fit in with my series of Org13 portraits) but I doubt I'll ever paint him again after that."

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