How to defeat Saix in KH2

While Fighting Saix, there is a few things you probably would like to know during Kingdom Hearts II. The following information will include his stats and some strategies on how to defeat this boss battle.

Difficulty: 7/10
Cheese Factor: 7/10

Important notes: There is a Berserk Gauge up at the top left. It fills as he attacks. When it fills, he will go insane, so watch out. I'll explain how to deal with this and how to make it go down below.
If you don't have it by now, level up your Final Form and get at least Glide Lv.2.

Strategy: He will start the fight by rising up in front of you. This can't be interrupted, so just start moving.

You wanna start hitting him as soon as possible though. Try to keep a lock-on at all times during this fight, because he is very fast and moves around a lot.

He has an attack that sends a wave of energy at you along the ground, that hurts pretty decently. It's very fast, best way to dodge it is to fly (Glide Lv.2 you really need this by this point in the game) or run to the side. Though to be serious, you should not stop moving during this battle for any reason.

He will have a rushing attack that can do really hefty damage and is extremely difficult to dodge. It cannot be interrupted and he may do it while you are comboing him at close range. If you're moving, he may miss with it. He may not start using it until he's been damaged some.

He also has a basic 1-2 melee combo, but don't get caught in it. During the fight, he will drop weapons around the battleground. If you run up to one and use the Reaction 'Berserk' (just like the normal Berserker Nobodies), you will grab on and can then quickly glide along the floor. Get near to him and hit the Reaction 'Eclipse to smack him real good with a nice big combo. To execute the complete combo, keep hitting triangle, so that you use 'Eclipse' a good 3 times, which will then turn into 'Magna Storm'. This will do good damage but it will also make his berserk gauge fill very quickly.

When his Berserk Gauge fills, he will go insane. He will have several area of effect attacks. One is slamming into the ground and sending waves of energy out from him, another is a shock wave attack. During the beginning of the fight he does these very fast, but near the end, he will be doing them practically at the speed of light, one after another after another. Keep on your toes!

While he is Berserk, his gauge will slowly drain. He is very hard to hit with normal attacks while he is Berserk, but you don't wanna do that anyways. Grab one of his weapons and use the Reaction combo I told you about above. It may be difficult to dodge his attacks, but while holding the weapon, you are pretty fast anyways. If you successfully get off the 'Berserk' -> 'Eclipse' -> 'Magna Storm' Reaction combo, his Berserk Gauge will completely drain. So if he goes berserk, this should be your priority.

Once you have him back to normal, jump in and combo him or start casting spells immediately, as he will have a very brief recovery time. Hit him as much as possible. His attack hurt but are nothing compared to how he is during Berserk. You want to get in as much damage as possible before he goes Berserk again. What I personally do is get behind him and unleash a string of combos, juggling him for several seconds. I personally use Cura/ga to heal myself and carry Ethers. Having the Berserk Charge ability equipped will allow you to string infinite combos while in MP charge, so that's another tactic you can use.

Once his Berserk Gauge fills again, his Berserk will be a lot more violent. He will fly across the floor, hitting it many times and sending out long range shock wave attacks with huge knock-back. At the end of the string of shock waves, he will spring into the air and bring his weapon down one more time, unleashing another wave of damage. Surprisingly, each shock wave itself only does mild to moderate damage, but if you're not careful, you can be juggled, and then it's devastating.

During this, he will also use his other energy fountain wave attacks, but less frequently. He will also fling his weapon on the ground from time to time. You CAN try to move in and use the 'Berserk' → 'Eclipse' → 'Magna Storm' combo, but not only is it difficult to get to the weapons (since he is all over you, following you at high speeds), but due to his speed, it has a tendency to miss by a mile.

My personally suggestion is to just use Glide and try to keep away from him until his Berserk gauge drains. If he hits you, you'll be knocked into the air even higher. Just use Aerial Recovery and then Glide some more, even farther out of his reach.

Once his Gauge drains, once again move in and relentlessly attack him. He will probably go Berserk 3-4 times before you can defeat him. Just keep dodging while he's Berserk (or use the Reaction if you can get it off on him) and attacking aggressively while he's not, and you will win. Stay on your toes.

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