The following information is the way Saix interacts with Axel in the video game version of Kingdom Hearts II. Different games give off different information with this relationship. To view Saix's relationship with Axel in other games, try each individual section in the main navigation above.

Axel gets orders in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II to destroy Roxas because he turned on the Organization. Once Axel failed at, the Organization labeled Axel as a traitor that went against the Organizations wishes. He then went into hiding from the Organization so that he wouldn't be punished for failing at his job. Saix, being one of the main leaders from Organization XIII made it clear that he did not like Axel any longer and was out to get him. For this reason, it led me to believe he was one of the hooded members who told Axel his orders and threatened his life if he failed by not ending up getting Roxas to either come back or to destroy Roxas.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy successfully fought off a lot of nobodies. A cloaked figure appeared, being Saix, and told them that they did an impressive job. He asked if they have seen a guy named Axel lately, because he suspected that he was around somewhere close. Sora gets angry and tells him he doesn't care about Axel or know anything about him. Saix tells Sora that Axel is "no longer acting in our best interest." Goofy asks if he is with the Organization as well, and Sora comments on how their not very organized for an Organization. Saix warns them not to let their guard down, and lies, telling him that Axel will stop at nothing to turn him into a Heartless. Sora sarcastically tells him he's thankful that Saix cares about his safety from Axel.

Saix then reports to his leader, which is Xemnas, about how he informed Sora to continue to keep defeating Hearless. Xemnas tells him that because of that, Sora will gain them many hearts, especially because Sora's heart is hurt and in chaos. Saix seems uncomfortable. Xemnas keeps talking about how Sora is distracted and hesitant and in his depths of confusing, he will begin to hate everyone, including himself. Saix tells Xemnas that "one thing concerns" him. Xemnas realizes, and simply states, "Axel?" Saix nods. Xemnas tells him that Axel is a compassionate fool. He says that he continues to follow the "illusion of a friendship that he cannot feel." and that "he still believes that he can recover what he's lost. Give him the regret he deserves."

Axel congratulates Sora for falling right into the Organizations trap. Before he really gets to tell Sora much, including information about Kairi, Saix appears and says "Axel!" As soon as Axel sees Saix, he says uh-oh and beings to vanish. Sora tries to run after Axel, but Saix holds out his arms to stop him. He ensures Sora that Axel will receive the maximum punishment as Axel vanishes.

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