In both Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Saix has a set of abilities. Being a member of Organization 13, Saix can do a lot of things that normal people can not do. The following information is based off of both games.

Portal of Darkness: Saix is able to conjure portals of darkness to help him travel place to place with no consequences, however he only uses this to escape from battle and not to attack.

Summon: Saix is able to summon his lesser Nobodies, the Berserkers and Heartless alike.

Moon Absorb: If there is a moon on the battlefield, Saix is able to use his element, the Moon, in order to increase his power altogether. From there, he goes into Berserk mode and his appearance changes as well as his weapon and fighting style. His hair becomes more messier and manic. His eyes turn completely yellow and his scar becomes bigger and it becomes more jagged. He even grows fangs at this state and his personality changes from calm to bestial.

Blue Inferno: Saix, with pure force and animosity slams his blade into the ground twice emitting blue flames and shock waves, and then he jumps and throws his blade at his opponent, giving off one final blast of blue flame and shock wave. However, he can only use this in his Berserk Mode.

Warriors Charge: Saix runs forward, giving his opponent many slashes with his blade, then he spins and gives a horizontal swipe, knocking his opponent back.

Moon Tide: Saix runs forward at his opponent, swiping his blade into the ground letting off huge blue shock waves, he then throws his blade at his opponent and when he throws his blade, he yells: "MOVE ASIDE!!!" However, he can only use this move when he is in his Berserk Mode.

Moon Quake: Saix jumps high into the air, lets out a mighty roar, and comes down to the ground, heaving his sword into the ground, giving off a large damaging blue energy wave, all the while emitting an earthquake. He can only use this when he is in Berserk Mode.

Berserk Attack: Saix gives three slashes to his opponent.

Spirit of the Luna Diviner: This attack is by far Saix's strongest attack. He first taunts his opponent by saying: "All shall be lost to you!" Then, he starts off by running toward his opponent, giving off blue shock waves as he swipes at the ground. He then jumps and gives a downward slash to his opponent. After that he would give his opponent another shock wave charge but this time at the end he would send a wave of blue flames to his opponent. Again he would do another shock wave charge toward his opponent, but then he would jump and thrust his blade into the ground, giving off a large blue damaging wave. Then, he would come in close and give his opponent two slashes then he would jump back and slash through his opponent leaving blue flames in his wake. Then he would come back and give his opponent two slashes and he would jump and throw his blade at his opponent, giving off a blue flame shock wave. Then, finally he would slash through his opponent multiple times (like he is doing Sora's Sonic Blade attack). Finally, he would give one final blue flame shock wave, and then he would say: "Begone!!" right before he gives the final blue flame shock wave attack. This move is indeed very powerful and it drains a lot from Saix, so he rarely uses this move. Using this attack only will knock Saix out of his Berserk Mode and it will greatly weaken him. He can only use this attack if he is in Berserk Mode.

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