kingdom hearts 358/2 days secret reports

The following are all of the secret reports that Saix writes during Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.

=====Day 9: On Track=====

Xion is being monitored. Roxas, meanwhile, has begun his training exercises.

It is imperative we keep Xion from having undue contact with Roxas until we are certain it will perform as expected - which will take another 10 days, if Vexen's convictions are to be trusted.

As for the Keyblade master, Marluxia will no doubt be keeping an eye on him.

=====Day 51: Measures Must Be Taken=====

The Replica Program continues apace, but something has gone wrong at Castle Oblivion. The Dusks returned with word that none of those we dispatched survived - but the news came in fragments. I still know too little to extract the truth.

I doubt Axel would be among those lost, but I must plan for the worst. First, I must locate the Keyblade master.

=====Day 94: All Goes Apace=====

The hearts collected by our two Keyblade wielders, Roxas and Xion, have gathered together; and now, almighty Kingdom Hearts waxes large in the night sky.

Our efforts have come to bear fruit, nearly ripe for the plucking. All plans proceed smoothly - alarmingly so, in fact, though this is no time to be

=====Day 150: Dealing with Xion=====

As expected, the Duplicate is starting to show its limits. The Program showed promise, but a puppet is just a puppet: something to be toyed with until it breaks.

I am utterly at a loss as to what Roxas and Axel see in that thing. How best to dispose of it merits my consideration going forward.

=====Day 171: The No. i Project=====

Xion failed to complete its mission. If this continues, destroying it and using the next Replica as the Duplicate would undoubtedly yield a higher-grade copy.

No. i was among the initial lot, which naturally raises questions about its capabilities. At present, it is nothing short of broken. I cannot fathom why Xemnas would want to keep it.

=====Day 174: Just a Replica=====

Xion continues to sleep. All analysis on its function suggests no marked change. The copying appears to be working, but a Replica is a Replica. My latest report to Xemnas on this net me no clear answers. He simply stood, smiling. At times I find his thinking impenetrable.

=====Day 277: True Agenda=====

Axel and Roxas are up to something. No plot they concoct will change the fact that the Organization has cast off Xion, though. Our plans have split, diverged, and advance now to the next stage. The No. i project and Replica program merely paved the way. Our true goals lie elsewhere.

=====Day 298: Change of Plans=====

Axel failed to report that the impostor and Xion are working together. Instead, that news came from Roxas. The boy is far more easily handled than Axel, but now Axel has captured Xion and returned her to us. his motives are impossible to read. Our plans can be altered if necessary, but doing so can only delay their realization.

=====Day 356: Unforeseen Events=====

Our plans never accounted for the possibility of both Xion and Roxas leaving. How did this come to pass? When did Roxas grow strong enough to out-muscle me? What were you really after, Lea? We joined the Organization at the same time, and formulated our plan. At this point, it's just and idle fantasy. Everything changed. You, and me.

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