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The following are all of the lines that Saix says during the scripts and cut scenes of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. To find the battle quotes, please scroll down to the very bottom. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.

Saix: Pitiful Heartless, mindlessly collecting hearts. The rage of the Keyblade releases those hearts. They gather in darkness, master-less and free... until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we can truly, finally exist.

Saix: Today's is an important meeting. I expect everyone to be on time.

Saix: Roxas, your work begins today. I will issue missions, which the Organization expects you to carry out.
Saix: Think of these early missions as exercises. You still have much to learn before we put you to a real test.
Saix: Axel will be joining you your first time out. Isn't that right, Axel?
Saix: Surely you don't mind showing Roxas here the ropes? Roxas, come see me when you're ready to go.
Saix: Are you ready to go?
Saix: Teach him well, Axel.
Saix: Number XIV, Xion.

Saix: Roxas, today you will be working with Marluxia. Come see me when you are ready.

Saix: Roxas. Larxene will be your partner today.
Saix: She already left. Meet her on-site.
Saix: This time, we expect you to try out magic for a change, instead of relying solely on the Keyblade.
Saix: Only if you arm yourself with some before you leave for the mission. See me when you are ready.
Saix: Are you ready to go?

Saix: Roxas, I have decided to pair you with Lexaeus for your mission today. Come see me when you're ready.
Saix: Today will be your first true mission.

Saix: Roxas, I've assigned you another handful of missions. Some will be mandatory, but beyond that, our policy is that you set your own workload. The order of execution is also for you to decide. Start with the missions you feel most prepared for.

Saix: You should go into every mission prepared.

Saix: Roxas, today's mission is mandatory. I've assigned Axel to assist you.

Saix: Axel. I have a message from Lord Xemnas. We have reason to believe that one or more of the members assigned to Castle Oblivion intend to betray us. Find them, and dispose of them.
Saix: Axel already left.
Saix: Roxas, starting today you will be executing missions alongside Xion. Pay extra attention to the Intel I've prepared for you in the mission briefs. Use the data on your targets to decide which panels you should take into the field.
Saix: Today marks your first time out on a mission together. We need you to eliminate a specific Heartless. Roxas, you are in charge.

Saix: Roxas, get to work.
Saix: You will be teamed with Xion again today.

Saix: Both of you, finish your preparations as soon as possible. A giant Heartless has surfaced. It must be exterminated today.
Saix: Your mission today with Xion is of critical importance. I've arranged for you to be allotted additional slots as you complete missions for us. The harder you work, the more panels you will be permitted to install.

Saix: Roxas, your mission. Go with Xigbar to Agrabah
Saix: That's no concern of yours.
Saix: Who knows. Perhaps he is among the lost.
Saix: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to award you a new rank. Have I neglected to mention the new shop? Conduct your business there before missions.
Saix: I'm sending you and Xigbar to a new world today to conduct recon.

Saix: Namine must have begun her work...
Saix: I am told he will--provided she strips the hero of all his memories.
Saix: We needn't stop collecting hearts. Number XIV has gained power over the Keyblade, just as we intended. Xion can fill Roxas's shoes for the time being.
Saix: No, sir. I would say progress is slow...if we had actually made any.

Saix: You're awake.
Saix: We're looking into what befell them.
Saix: What I know is that I don't owe you any explanations. Now get to work. You'll be on your own for a while. Wherever our other members are, they're certainly not here to help.

Saix: You will be conducting missions solo for the time being, until we can restructure.

Saix: Finish your preparations and be on your way.

Saix: Why didn't you report in?
Saix: I'm told Namine has gone missing.
Saix: You searched every room, I expect?
Saix: What about the chamber? Did you find it?
Saix: All I did was find a place to send everyone who was getting in the way.
Saix: Did you come back in one piece or didn't you?

Saix: I'm sending Axel with you today.

Saix: I'm having you visit a new world for your mission today.

Saix: Don't come back until you find out what happened to Xion.

Saix: Together?
Saix: What in the world would possess you to ask at a time like this? We're shorthanded as it is. And yet you expect me to say yes?
Saix: Hmm... Fine. As you wish.
Saix: You had better prove that two people can work like three, or this arrangement comes to an end.

Saix: Lord Xemnas has summoned us.
Saix: Kingdom Hearts thirsts for hearts...a thirst only your Keyblade can slake.

Saix: Xion, Roxas. I need you on separate missions today.
Saix: Two major Heartless targets have surfaced in two separate worlds. Roxas, you take Beast's Castle. Xion, you go to Agrabah.
Saix: If I send them both, who's going to handle the Heartless in Agrabah?
Saix: You?
Saix: Except you can't collect hearts.
Saix: Fine. But this is the last day. Starting tomorrow, you both work solo.
Saix: Let me be clear: today is the last day I will permit you to work as a team.
Saix: Don't think for a minute I believed that.
Saix: That reprehensible performance.

Saix: You'll be working solo again starting today. I've prepared new missions accordingly.

Saix: Tell me what Xion has been doing.
Saix: ...But the two of you are close.
Saix: You and Xion will be executing your next mission together.
Saix: ...We also need you to go back to Castle Oblivion.
Saix: The castle hasn't given up all its secrets. And there's one in particular Lord Xemnas is especially interested in.
Saix: Hmm... Then let me give you another incentive. Namine isn't the only one who can trace her beginnings to Castle Oblivion. Xion comes from there, too.
Saix: Two of your favorite people. Still think another visit is a waste of time?
Saix: Hmph.
Saix: The Chamber of Repose, and it's antipode, the Chamber of Waking... Xemnas isn't telling us something. And the missing chamber, the Chamber of Waking--it holds all the answers. We need those answers to gain the upper hand--for our own reasons.
Saix: A solo mission in Castle Oblivion... Expect the orders soon.

Saix: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to award you a new rank. Additional goods can be had at the shop now. I've also authorized you to synthesize your own weapon panels--a skill I suggest you acquire.
Saix: I'm sending you and Xigbar to a new world today to conduct recon.

Saix: Hmph. What took you?
Saix: You're letting yourself get too attached to them.
Saix (turning around): You've changed.

Saix: We can't afford to expend any more chances on you.
Saix: You were a mistake we never should have made.
Saix: Go with Xaldin for your mission today.

Saix: Today we need you to exterminate a powerful Heartless. Go in prepared.

Saix: One of the missions I have for you requires you to visit a new world. Go in prepared.

Saix: And where do you think you are going, Roxas?
Saix: But you have a mission.
Saix: You cannot help your comrade. Xion will not wake up.
Saix: What do you care? The creature is broken. Defective.
Saix: I'll call that thing whatever I want. How we deal with Xion is no concern of yours.
Saix: Look at you, Roxas. Up in arms over a nobody.
Saix: Settle down. Xion's failings won't affect your standing with us. You've nothing to worry about.

Saix: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to award you a new rank.
Saix: You'll be teamed with Luxord today. Depart as soon as you are ready.

Saix: I warned you to keep out of this.
Saix: Just like you're always honest with me?
Saix: Xion has no right to be among our number.
Saix: What is it you two see in that thing? Just look at it.

Saix: Well, well. It lives. There's just no keeping you down.
Saix (shaking his head): You belong in your room.
Saix: Roxas will team up with Axel today, as scheduled. Xion, I'm afraid I neglected to pencil you in.
Saix: Hmm... Fine. Go, if that's what suits you.
Saix: Finish your preparations and be on your way.

Saix: Well, that didn't take long. Did it break again?
Saix: You have changed...
Saix: Something at Castle Oblivion changed you. Does the past mean nothing to you now?

Saix: I'm sending you with Demyx today. Try to inspire in him a little of your work ethic.

Saix: Roxas, in light of your excellent performance, we have decided to award you a new rank.
Saix: The Heartless grow ever more powerful. I have more work for you. Depart as soon as you are ready.

Saix: I sent Axel to Castle Oblivion last night on short notice, to help expedite the matter we spoke of. I also instructed him to clear out our facilities there. He should RTC soon.
Saix: Still missing, sir.
Saix: Why, Xigbar... It almost sounds as though you know.
Saix: Somebody accessed our main computer without authorization.
Saix: Nonsense. I see no problem whatsoever.
Saix: Something you find amusing?
Saix: But sir, Xion... If we don't take steps--
Saix: This is the last you'll ever see of these walls, Xion.

Saix: Your "friend" will be left alone. Or would you rather we find some punishment?
Saix: And why would we do that?
Saix: Lord Xemnas has spoken. Obey, or face your end.
Saix: Here are your new missions. Stay focused.

Saix: The impostor has been sighted again.
Saix: He's prowling about Castle Oblivion as we speak.
Saix: Not by yourself, you won't. This target is extremely dangerous.
Saix: All right, better. Go, then, and teach this fraud the price for wearing our coat.
Saix: I've reassigned you to Castle Oblivion for the day. Axel will be accompanying you.

Saix: Tell me what choice is left, now that Xion has had contact with that man in the black coat.
Saix: Xion has betrayed us.
Saix: You saw the creature consorting with that impostor. What more evidence do we need?
Saix: I think we all know, and you just don't want to accept it.
Saix: Ha! Spare me your repulsive displays of would-be sentiment.
Saix: The impostor has resurfaced in Twilight Town. Go and destroy him, Roxas--like I expected you to do yesterday.
Saix: Axel, you bring Xion back. Gagged and tied up, for all I care. If that proves too troublesome, then you are authorized to adopt a more permanent solution.
Saix: Get going.

Saix: I never expected you to question it. If you could save one of them... why would you choose the puppet?
Saix: Or put it this way. Which would you rather suffer the loss of: some make-believe friendship, or a real one?
Saix: Things are finally right again. Of course we're better off this way. Xemnas is exasperated from all the "fixing" we've had to do. We have to set things right. There is simply too much on the line...Lea.
Saix: If you have time to mope, then you have time to work. Focus, Roxas.

Saix: Are you certain we've taken suitable measures with Xion and Roxas?
Saix: Really?
Saix: I see. And what do you want to do about the impostor in black?
Saix: Then we are back on track.

Saix: All three will be operable in a matter of days.
Saix: What do you want to do with Roxas?
Saix: You've not a moment to rest.

Saix: Roxas. How are you feeling today?
Saix: I have an urgent mission especially for you and your Keyblade. There's a Heartless that's surfaced in Halloween Town. I was hoping you might exterminate it for us.
Saix: Shouldn't you already be out on your mission, Axel?
Saix: Can't you just let things run their course?
Saix: Head to Halloween Town and exterminate that Heartless.

Saix: You've meddled again.
Saix: We don't need them both. Just one. And pretending won't change it.
Saix (walking past him): Think about that.
Saix: You have your own mission, Roxas.
Saix: What an extraordinarily childish notion. Do you need Axel to walk you everywhere now?
Saix: They can handle their mission. You hurry up and see to your own. Today's mission requires that you go solo.

Saix: Explain yourself, Axel.
Saix: And now we're left with the one we can't use...

Saix: Puppets generally don't make themselves.
Saix: That caught us off guard. If anything like that happened before, no one at Castle Oblivion ever reported it. Did they Axel?
Saix: "Deserter" is hardly the term for a broken specimen who wandered out from under the microscope.
Saix: Axel.
Saix: Those orders were absolute.
Saix: Still here, Roxas? Proceed with your mission.
Saix: A puppet, one of us? Don't be absurd. Count the seats. When have we ever been more than thirteen?

Saix: We don't accept resignations.
Saix: Then let's keep this short and sweet.
Saix: Nngh... How much longer...
Saix: Kingdom...Hearts... Will your strength never be mine?

Saix: Xion is no more.

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