The following information is the way Saix interacts with Axel in the video game version of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Different games give off different information with this relationship. To view Saix's relationship with Axel in other games, try each individual section in the main navigation above.

Axel and Saix start off being a bit distant with each other in the beginning. He asks Axel to escort Roxas around on his first mission, simply because Saix really trusts Axel and his intentions to start. Saix relies on Axel to get their "plans" started with Roxas, but that is not reveled until later on in the story. From the very beginning you can tell that Axel doesn't like to listen to Saix that much. He says it doesn't matter when he RTC's because it's his life and he can go back whenever. Every time a mandatory mission happens, and it's going to be challenging, Saix always assigns Axel.

On day 23, Saix tells Axel that he has a message from Lord Xemnas on how there may be one or more members that were assigned to Castle Oblivion with the intent of betraying the Organization. He asks Axel to find them, and dispose of them. Axel asks him if that came right from Xemnas himself, and Saix simply says it does. Axel tells Roxas that he will be gone for awhile on a journey, and won't return for awhile. Once Roxas runs out to see Axel the next day, Saix tells him he's already gone. Later on, Roxas over hears that everyone from the Castle Oblivion mission was terminated. Roxas confronts Saix about what he heard, and Saix tells him that it's not concern of his. When he asks about Axel, he simply tells him that he doesn't know, "perhaps he is among the lost." Saix doesn't seem like he cares, or that he is interested in telling Roxas anything about Axel.

When Axel ends up returning, he goes and sees Roxas first, instead of RTCing to tell Saix he's back. On day 72, the day after he went and told Roxas he was finally home, Saix barges into Axel's room. He asks Axel why he didn't report in. Axel makes a joke and says, "Oh, good to see you too. You're welcome, thanks for the kind words." Saix ignores it and gets straight to business telling him he heard Namine has gone missing. Axel tries to make more jokes about how shes "there one minute, gone the next" and how he had no idea she got out. He asks Axel if he searched every room, and Axel asked him if he was kidding because there are so many rooms in Castle Oblivion. Axel reports that Saix was right about Marluxia and the other traitors, and how he was impressed that he knew exactly "what was up." Saix didn't take the compliment, just stated that he only found a place to send all of the people getting in the way. Axel said, "Well, it's nice to know where I stand! Sheesh!" Saix started to leave, but stated, "Did you come back in one piece or didn't you?" As he walked away, Axel told him he disposed of Zexion for him. Axel tells him that he will "play it" his way for now.

Axel always asks Saix questions, only to benefit Roxas' feelings. When Xion went missing, Saix told Axel and Roxas not to come back until they found out what had happened to her. Once Axel finds out that Xion can no longer wield her keyblade, he makes up a plan for Roxas and Xion to go on missions together until she can remember how to use it again. Once Roxas asks Saix for permission, he tells them that they are crazy because they are already short-handed as it is. Axel steps in and says, "Why not? Seems like a good idea to me. Put two half-pints together and you get a whole." Saix doesn't say anything at all back. The plan goes well, until on Day 96 when Saix tells them he needs them to go on separate missions. He told Roxas that he needs to go to Beast's Castle, but Axel steps in and tells him that he saw the heartless their yesterday, and how he doesn't "want to pit Roxas against" them, at least "not by himself." Saix protests and asks who's going to go defeat the enemies in Agrabah. Axel nominates himself, but Saix seems a bit weirded out and protests again that he can't collect hearts. Axel tells him that he will keep the "heartless out of trouble" and then Roxas can handle that mission a different day. Saix said the plan is fine, but it would be the last day that Roxas and Xion work together. After Roxas and Xion leave, Saix tells Axel that he didn't believe him for a second. Axel questions him, asking, "Believed what?" Saix tells him his "reprehensible performance," which Axel avoids the conversation and quickly leaves.

On Day 117, Saix barges into Axel's room again. Axel asks him if he's ever heard of knocking. Saix avoids all small talk, and gets right to the main focus. He asks what Xion has been up to, which Axel responds quickly with a "how should I know? I'm not spying on her." Saix, determined to get answers, tells Axel that since they are close friends, he should know information. Axel doesn't budge, and tells him he doesn't want to "rat" on his friends, telling Saix to get out of his room. Saix tells Axel that Xion and him will be on the next mission together. Axel get's very sarcastic and thanks him for coming into his room to personal tell him his new mission buddy. Saix tells him that he needs to go back to Castle Oblivion. He tells him that there is a specific secret that the chamber never gave up that Lord Xemnas needs him to find ASAP. Axel tells him that they "turned that place inside out" and that it's going to be a lot more complicated than just going to look for it. Saix tells Axel that Xion comes from Castle Oblivion, and so does Namine. He points out that they are two of his "favorite people," and asks if he still thinks "another visit is a waste of time." Axel turns away and tells him that he is the only one who wants him to go, and not to make it look like a favor. Axel tells Saix that he "cleared the way to the top" for him, and to do him a favor and "don't trip on the way up" to the top of the Castle. Saix turns away and tells him to expect new orders soon as he leaves.

Saix tells the whole Organization that they are having a vacation day. Axel goes and sleeps during most of it, and then goes and meets up with his 2 best friends in their normal spot. Once he decides to go back, Axel walks through Nothing's Call, and spots Saix. Saix asked him what took him so long because he needs to go to Castle Oblivion to do his orders. Axel tells him it was his vacation, and he was allowed to take all of the time he wanted to take. He asks, "Since when do I have to check in with you?" Saix warns Axel that he's letting himself get way too attached to Roxas and Xion. Axel makes it into a joke and says, "Yes, sir, whatever you say." Saix begins to leave and says, "You've changed."

Axel promises Roxas that he will talk more to Saix to figure out what is going on with Xion. He meets up with Saix at Nothing's Call. Saix tells him that he warned him to "keep out of this." Axel tells him that he isn't able to stay out of it because he has to know what Xion's deal is for himself. Axel asks him why he can't "be straight" with him anymore. Saix shoots back with, "just like you're always honest with me?" Axel nods and tells him he is right to say that. Saix tells him that Xion has no right to be with them. Saix calls her a "thing" and tells him that he doesn't understand what he and Roxas see in her. Once Xion wakes up, Roxas, Axel and Xion go on a mission together. It doesn't take long before Xion passes out again, and they need to RTC. Once they return, Saix comments on how it "didn't take long" for "it" to break again. Roxas gets pissed and yells at Saix that Xion is not an "it." Axel walks past Saix and says, "Keep your mouth shut." Once they leave, Saix says to himself, "you have changed!" as he turns around and looks up at the sky. He comments on how Castle Oblivion changed Axel, and wonders if the past means nothing to him anymore.

Axel comments on how Saix is always in a bad mood, and that's why they never get days off. An imposter starts to walk around wearing the Organization VIII cloak. Saix orders Axel and Roxas to go to Castle Oblivion to destroy him, and "teach them a lesson" from wearing the coat that doesn't belong to him. Axel and Roxas find Xion, and see that she is walking around with the imposter and hanging out with him. The next day, Saix orders Axel to destroy Xion because there is no hope left for her. She is now marked a traitor because she is in contact with the mysterious man in the black coat. Axel leaves the room as Saix tells Roxas about Xion, and comments on how Roxas is the one who told him he saw Xion with the imposter, so there is no more evidence needed. Axel finds Xion and they fight each other. He brings Xion back to the Organization. Roxas gets pissed off that Axel had to attack her, and loses all trust in his so called "friend." Saix and Axel talk on an upper level of the Hall of Empty Melodies. Axel questions if Saix is sure what they are doing is correct. Saix never expects Axel to pick the "puppet" over the real thing. Saix asks him if he would rather suffer the loss of "some make-believe friendship, or a real one." Saix tells him that things are finally going the way they planned, and how they need to set things right. He tells him, "there is simply too much on the line! Lea." Saix calls Axel by his real name, because they used to be friends in their past lives. Axel doesn't say anything, and walks out, trying to figure out his thoughts.

As Roxas starts to rapidly lose his strength, Saix keeps pushing him hard on missions to make it worse. Saix tells Roxas to go on a really challenging mission. When Axel over hears it, he asks Roxas if he really wants to go on a mission, and tries to show concern that lately he's been different and growing tired. Saix interrupts and tells Axel to get moving on his own mission and to let Roxas go on his own. Roxas leaves to go get ready, as Axel and Saix talk. Saix asks him why he can't just let things "run their course" and allow one of them to destroy the other one. Axel doesn't say anything, and just wishes Roxas good luck on his mission. Axel goes against what Saix said, and shows up at Roxas' mission to show him that him and Xion were set up to fight each other. He saves them both from destroying each other. Saix walks up to Axel at Twilight's View and points out that he's meddled in on the plans again. He tells him that they only need one of them to be alive, and to stop pretending, because pretending won't change the truth. Axel keeps on walking, and Saix tells him to "think about" it as he walks past him.

Xion, Axel, and Xigbar go on a mission together. Xion attacks Xigbar and goes crazy. She begs Axel to let he go, and he does. She gets away, and Xigbar and Axel RTC to tell Saix what had happened. Saix gets pissed and asks Axel to explain himself as to why he let her go. Axel tells him he didn't let her go, that she got away herself. Xigbar tells Saix he agrees because he couldn't stop her either. Saix gets angry and says, "and now we're left with the one we can't use!" Saix loses all trust in Axel, and Axel starts to go against the Organization as well, leading into Kingdom hearts II.

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