to Darker Than Winter, a tribute, and fanlisting, to the mysterious character Saix, from the game and manga series of Kingdom Hearts. This shrine is brought to you by Megan, a big fan of the male character. The navigation is self explanatory and found above to the right. Information will lead you to information on the character himself. There are many unmarked spoilers, so please be careful while reading. Multimedia is where you can find lots of goodies to show your love for the boy. Fanlisting will allow you to join and show the world you are an approved fan of Saix as a character. If you don't know what a fanlisting is, feel free to go check it out. Website will lead you to my shrine affiliates, and other great Kingdom Heart related websites. Finally, xxxx will bring you back here! There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine. If you aren't looking to be spoiled, please be cautious of what pages you read. Please enjoy your stay~

MEGAN x JULY 14th, 2013?

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