I soar into the sky, flying up... up... up


Winona is a very independent female character. She doesn't like to be tied down to anything (Aka, if she doesn't even want to be tied to the ground, why would she want to be tied to a man?!) This independence makes her feel strong. It allows her to travel the world with an open mind and heart, learning and embracing the beauty of the natural world. It also puts her into leadership roles. We see this in the anime when she is announced the genius of flying, and given the title of Gym Leader. We also see this even more in the manga when she is put in charge to supervise all of the other Gym Leaders. She is a mentor as well. During the game, when you battle the trainers in the Gym, one of them tells you that they were trained by Winona themselves, and therefore they won't lose to you. This shows that she is mentoring the people of the Fortree Gym and spending time and effort on them. In the manga she takes Sapphire under her wing and teaches her how to get stronger with her Pokemon. Once she is able to defeat Winona, she praises her and awards the Feather Badge. Winona is also very brave, often jumping into trouble. This is shown when she attacks Team Rocket by herself without any thought. We also see this bravery and lack of thought can get her into trouble, like when she is kidnapped in the manga by Team Plasma. She thought that she could handle a situation on her own, but sometimes independent people need to realize they should rely on others more for assistance. She learns her lesson, however, and she ends up allowing herself to be in a companionship with Wallace, another Gym Leader. Especially in the manga, we see that Winona is willing to learn and grow, from mistakes and from the words of others. She is also very loyal because even though she wants to fight, she remembers her duties as a supervisor and stays back. However, she does all she can from the sidelines to aid her friends because they mean the world to her. Overall, Winona has a huge heart and is learning how to not let her independence and ego get in the way of making long-lasting, and memorable bonds with others.
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