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Fortree City is a treehouse community in northern Hoenn. In the anime, Brock emphasizes that the living in tree houses is an ancient practice. He states that they continue to do so because of their appreciation with the sky. In the game, you can find Fortree City located between Route 119 and 120 in the east. Both the Pokemon Center and Poke Mart are located near Fortree's western entrance. Below are some of the houses you should enter in order to receive some goods:
1) If you go to the treehouse above the Pokemon Center, a girl is willing to trade you her Skitty for a Spinda, which is easily accessible on Route 113 if you need her Skitty (it will have the Naughty Nature and the Magost Berry attached).
2) Two old women are located in the second treehouse at the north side of Fortree City. Speak to the one on the left to play a coin game. All you need to do is choose Right Hand, Right Hand, and Left Hand. Your reward will be TM10 Hidden Power. The type of this attack will vary depending on your Pokemon's Individual Values. Speak to the old woman on the right to find out what Type a Pokemon's Hidden Power is. The Pokemon has to be in your party if you want to know their Hidden Power type.
3) Enter the fourth treehouse in the north and speak to the girl on the right. Her Wingull will fly out of the house to an unknown location. The Wingull will actually travel further east to Mossdeep City. Find it in one of the houses, then return here to receive a Mental Herb.
4) Enter the treehouse near the Poke Mart and speak to the girl in the back. She will give you the Stairs decoration for your Secret Base.


The treehouse located in the southeast part of Fortree City is the Secret Base Guild! This is basically the headquarters for all those who love Super Secret Bases. A man named Aarune will greet and converse with you the first time you enter. He'll tell you all about making teams and collecting flags. Build teams of up to five people and go around collecting flags from other people's bases. Use StreetPass and the BuzzNav to find more bases around Hoenn. Only one flag can be collected from a base each day. Collect flags to increase your team's rank, earn rewards, and learn more Special Skills. Below I will explain the Rank (r), Flags needed (f), and Reward (R) that you can receive from playing this game.
Normal   /   0 Flags   /  Proclamation Decoration
Bronze   /   30 Flags   /   Blackboard Decoration
Silver   /   100 Flags   /   Jukebox Decoration
Gold   /   500 Flags   /   Mood Lighting Decoration
Platinum   /   1,000 Flags   /   Confetti Ball Decoration and Garchompite
The special skills you and your friends can learn depend on the type of trainer you are set as. If you want to change your trainer type, speak to the woman in the back of the Secret Base Guild. You can buy a few decorations for your Secret Base from the two merchants on the left side as well.

As you are leaving Fortree City, head to Route 120, going east. As you are heading down the route you will hit a bridge where Steven Stone, a male character will give you the Devon Scope, allowing you to to see invisible Kecleon around Hoenn. He will also battle you, giving you a Mega Stonewhich will Mega Evolve the starter Pokemon you originally chose. With the Devon Scope, head back to Fortree City in order to clear the path to the Fortree City Pokemon Gym. (Behind the Gym is TM86 Grass Knot). You are not able to fight Winona without doing this, so it is important that you leave and go to Route 120 first!


As we know, Winona and the rest of the trainers in her Gym specialize in Flying Type Pokemon. This Gym contains a number of rotating doors. Try pushing them in the correct direction to open a path to the Gym Leader. The first trainer uses two Pokemon, Swellow and Skarmory. The second trainer states that Winona taught them personally, emphasizing that she is a mentor to the trainers in her Gym, using a Swablu. The third trainer states that he isn't allowed to lose, emphasizing Winona's hard attitude her Gym. He uses Dodu and Pelipper. Two other trainers use similar Pokemon to the ones stated before. All of their Pokemon are on levels 28-31. After the final battle, push the middle rotating door downward. Walk to the door on the right once again and push it to the left, then push it upwards in order to finally reach Winona. There are no trainer battles in the anime. Ash is able to go right up to Winona and battle her from the start. To find out about Winona's Pokemon and how to easily defeat her, head over to my strategy page!

The image seen to the left above is a photo of where you battle Winona in the game version, while the image seen to the right is what the battle field looks like in the anime. The anime is able to emphasize size better, obviously, making it clear that Flying Type Pokemon are very used to fighting there. The game arena looks awesome, however, having two giant windmills on each side. This also emphasizes Flying Type Pokemon because it plays on the fact that it is windy due to the high altitude of the Gym. The two tall structures in the anime version are where Winona and her opponent go in and can move up and down in an outdoor elevator in order to battle successfully with their Pokemon. The anime also emphasizes how high up the Gym is by having May complain about her thighs hurting and how long it is taking them to get to the very top. When they turn around to take a break and look at the scenery, they are able to see all of Fortree City and further into the distance. Either way, both Gyms are gorgeous and really play on the environmental aspects of the sky and wind, while appreciating the closeness to the clouds.
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