In Japanese, meaning Go All Out Attack, is a special Normal-Type Z-Move given to Snorlax in Generation VII of the Pokemon Games. I was honored to have Snorlax in my party in Pokemon Moon, where I was able to use this bad-ass attack. More often then not, the Pokemon who had to go face to face with this attack ended up with a complete KO! Snorlax is really big, so a full on body slam from him won't feel very nice!
Type: Normal
Category: Physical
PP: Only one use per battle
Power: 210
Accuracy: Always will hit the target
(Unless you use this as your first move against Mimikyu)
Description: Z-Power brings out the true capabilities of the user, Snorlax. The Pokemon moves its enormous body energetically and attacks the target with full force.
To allow Snorlax to use this move, Snorlax must know the move Giga Impact, and the trainer must acquire a Snorlium Z. Snorlium Z is Snorlax's individual Z Crystal, which is an item required to upgrade moves to Z-Moves through the use of a Z-Ring. The only way to get this special Z Crystal is with a special event that comes with the game, the Snorlium Z Munchlax. From November 18th, 2016 through January 11th, 2017, users were able to collect a Munchlax through the Nintendo Network in the Mystery Gift section. When you received your Munchlax, you would get a notification saying the following:

Munchlax and Snorlium Z for you!
Here's Munchlax the Big Eater Pokemon!
Evolve it into Snorlax and have it hold
the Snorlium Z that you receive in
the game to unleash Pulverizing Pancake!

This is the only known way that you could have received the special Snorlium Z in the Pokemon Sun/Moon video games. You cannot buy or sell the Z-Crystal at any shop in the game, either. If you have missed out on this game event, try to find a friend who hasn't. Perhaps they could trade you their Munchlax, or Snorlax if they've evolved him, while holding the Z Crystal. Then you'll have the Z Crystal to use!

Pulverizing Pancake Gifs

Click to expand and show three different gifs that depict the Pulverizing Pancake Special Z-Move! This Z-Move Attack is honestly hilarious, and I highly recommend you either check these out, youtube it, or battle with a Snorlium Z yourself! You won't regret it!

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