I just wanted to give a big thanks to all of my friends online who helped me create this page, as well as the popularity page. It wouldn't have been possible without you guys! We all have our own memories with different Pokemon, especially if we've grown up playing the games and watching the series. If you would like to submit your own thoughts here, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to add your own thoughts as well!

Personally, my first memory of Snorlax was from seeing a small plush toy from Burger King of Snorlax that I got in one of my Kids Meals. I used to play with it, as well as the other toys I got. I never used Snorlax in any of my original games that I played, mostly because I was too distracted by the typical "small and cute" Pokemon, probably due to my age. I definitely was aware of who Snorlax was. It wasn't until later on that I realized how funny Snorlax was. I originally thought about making a comical site to Snorlax, until I finally used Snorlax in my own party in Pokemon Moon. This is when I realized how awesome Snorlax really is in battle. Therefore, I decided that Snorlax was one of my all time favorites!


Dubiousdisc states, "I'm fond of Snorlax because it's always been one of my sister's favorites. It's a nice, sleepy bearmonster. It's someone you can trust." Dub shares her fandom of Snorlax, a "bearmonster" that her sister loves. I think this is great, especially because I found myself adoring Pokemon that my sister likes, too!

Elysa states, "Talking about Snorlax: I don't remember much!! But I think I did try to catch him when I first played yellow!! (It's been so long so I don't really remember much from playing that game lmao). Most of my Snorlax memories are from the anime, just that he was always eating things or sleeping! But, I fought a Snorlax at the Battle Tree. I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE OMG (also, I never knew Normal Type was weak against Fighting hahaha)." Don't worry Elysa, I am still horrible at remembering what Types are weak against what! I find myself googling it a lot x_x But yes, Snorlax is always either eating or sleeping!

Megan A states, "Snorlax is one of Jon's favorite Pokemon, but I don't have many experiences with it other than getting mad when I accidentally faint it in Generation 1." I think it's great that Megan knows that her boyfriend's a fan of Snorlax! Like Dub, she also likes it because of someone she cares for. This is a great trend!

Mikari states, "Snorlax mostly reminds me of a hibernating bear, though the ears are a little cat-like. Blue is my favorite color, so I generally like the design. Snorlax looks like a very huggable plushie, or comfy pillow. My earliest memory of Snorlax is seeing Ash's Snorlax pillow in episode one of the first anime series." Mikari also sent me a photo of the Snorlax she had caught in PokemonGO, so I decided to also share it here as well. PokemonGO is a great way to have your own experience with Snorlax, especially when you watch yourself catch it in your own surroundings! Super cool, Mikari! Thanks.

Robin states, "I remember laughing my butt off the whole time I saw Snorlax in the anime... If I remember right, it had blocked up a whole river because it ate a bunch of leaves and then laid down in the river bed to sleep. It just has this hilarious attitude, a blend of 'super duper chill' and 'don't give a crap.'" Robin's memories come mostly from the anime version of Pokemon. She expressed to me that she has never caught Snorlax in the video-game series, but acknowledges that Snorlax is a really popular Pokemon in the series in generally.

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