I currently have caught one Snorlax on my PokemonGO Pokedex, which made me extremely happy. I happened to find my Snorlax in the Phoenix, Arizona Zoo, right near the Black Bears (Kind of strange, huh?!) I haven't found any Snorlax close to my home in the state of NY though, so I am not sure how likely it will be for me to find another one. Anyways, here is some basic information for Snorlax on the PokemonGO game!
TYPE: Normal
MAX CP: 3355
MAX HP: 264
CP GAIN: 42.2
PERFECT IV AT Level 20: 1778
- - - Snorlax is the 2nd highest Pokemon with the highest Combined Stats (Attack, Defense, and Stamina), first being Dragonite and third being Rhydon.
- - - Snorlax is the 2nd highest Stamina, first being Chansey and third being Wigglytuff.
- - - Snorlax could be just as popular as Dragonite, but for the exact opposite reason. Snorlax is perhaps the most versatile Pokemon in PokemonGO. It's Normal Type makes him practically resistant to type damage multipliers-- Fighting is the only exception, so switch him out if either Hitmonlee or Poliwhirl are up to fight. Otherwise, his incredibly high Stamina also makes him able to attack really fast (funny, since he's so massive).

Where can I find a Snorlax, usually? Normal Type Pokemon are suppose to be the easiest Pokemon to find in PokemonGO because they aren't restricted to certain areas. However, Snorlax has a really low percentage for Global Spawn Rate. The best place then to look for a Snorlax to spawn, is where Normal Types hangout. Below is a list of places that you can usually find Normal Types.
- Residential: Appears to have the a slightly higher than normal spawn rate level of Normal Type Pokemon
- Universities: Universities and colleges have the highest spawn rate for Normal Type Pokemon
- Parking Lots: A normal rate of spawning Normal Type Pokemon
The temperature doesn't usually matter while catching a Normal Type Pokemon, so don't feel like you can only get Snorlax on a certain type of day. Normal Types are the easiest to find... so let's just keep our fingers crossed for a Snorlax!

Another great way to find a Snorlax is by hatching a 10 KM, or 6.21 miles, Egg. It is harder to find these eggs, and there is only a 5.1% change that the egg will hatch to Snorlax, but hey, it's worth the shot! Besides, the other Pokemon that come out of the 10KM egg will be awesome as well! Here is a list of all 10KM Eggs from Generation 1: Lapras, Electabuzz, Magmar, Chansey, Aerodactly, Mr. Mime, Scyther, Jynx, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Pinsir, Omanyte, Kabuto, Onyx, Dratini

What if I want to battle with Snorlax, what should I expect? Snorlax is a great Pokemon to battle with in PokemonGO because it's only main weakness are Fighting Type Pokemon. Normal Type Pokemon are countered by Fighting Type. For Example, Hitmonlee (Fighting Type) will deal increased damage to Snorlax when using any Fighting Moves against him in Gym Battles. Snorlax is stronger against Pokemon like Gengar! The only Pokemon you should really not send Snorlax out against are:
- Hitmonlee, Rock Smash will be 100% super effective
- Poliwrath, Rock Smash will be 100% super effective
- Hitmonchan, Counter will be 96% effective
What moves will Snorlax know? Snorlax can have a total of six different moves in battle. Next to each move I will put it's Type, Cool Down (CD) Rate, Energy Per Second (EPS), Dodge Window (DW), and Damage Per Second (DPS). It will also tell you if the move is Standard, or Special moves.
Lick - Ghost, CD: 1.00, EPS: 6.00, DPS: 5.00, Standard
Zen Headbutt - Psychic, CD: 1.55, EPS: 6.45, DPS: 7.74, Standard
Heavy Slam - Steel, CD: 2.10, DW: 0.40, DPS: 33.33, Special
Earthquake - Ground, CD: 3.60, DW: 0.80, DPS: 33.33, Special
Hyper Beam - Normal, CD: 3.80, DW: 0.30, DPS: 39.47, Special
Body Slam - Normal, CD: 1.90, DW: 0.50, DPS: 32.89, Special

Twitter Poll about who has caught Snorlax in PokemonGO:
Thanks to all of my Twitter friends for participating in this poll I put up about who has caught a Snorlax in PokemonGO! It seems like Snorlax is pretty rare, and a lot of my friends wish they were able to catch one! I am lucky that I was able to catch one, but I would love to catch more because mine is extremely weak. Hopefully one day soon we all will have one!

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