The following three characters resemble Snorlax to me in some way, shape, or form. If you have any other thoughts as to who else could be a lookalike, feel free to contact me about it, and I would love to add them here!

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All three of these lookalikes immediately reminded me of Snorlax due to their sheer size. All of them are rather large compared to other characters in their individual series. Baymax from the animated movie, Big Hero 6, is one of my favorite animated characters. Baymax is also a comic relief character in the movie. He is one of the main characters, and makes you laugh and cry in the movie. Snorlax, although not officially a "main character," does have quite the fame in the anime series. Snorlax makes us laugh through out the series as well. Frigimon from the Digimon Series, also is a giant bear. Frigimon looks more like Snorlax's Polar Bear form, but Frigimon also has a brown counterpart called Mudfrigimon. Because they are both based off of similar animals, their face looks the most similar. They both have the same type of ear style, and body build. While Snorlax doesn't open his eyes, Frigimon doesn't open it's mouth. I guess there is a little bit of an opposite there, but overall, appearance is very similar. Finally, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro is the last similar character I could think of. This one is basically only physical and comic relief as well as the others. Although I am not very familiar with this character, my sister Samantha informed me of this character. After looking through it, it also looks like Mini-Totoro could fit Munchlax, and it's a big family!

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