The Harvest Festival

During the Pokemon anime, we find out in episode 817, Awakening the Sleeping Giant!, that Snorlax is part of a symbiotic relationship with a town. We see this in other episodes as well, such as Snack Attack. Look below to see what I mean.

In a town in Pokemon X&Y called Camphrier Town, the locals tell Ash, Serena, and gang that they have always been in a symbiotic relationship with Snorlax. Every year, at the end of the harvest season, Snorlax comes down from the mountains to clear out the roots from the local crops. This arrangement works out well for both sides. Snorlax is able to eat its fill of tasty roots, and the townspeople get their fields plowed in the process! After Snorlax eats his fill, they throw a Harvest Festival to thank Snorlax for its help. In the tradition, the Lord of Shabboneau Castle always plays the Poke Flute, the only thing that can wake Snorlax up after a big meal, to send Snorlax back to the mountains until next year. The issue in this episode was that the Lord was nowhere to be found, and it was because he actually lost the Poke Flute. Snorlax snored so loudly that the towns people had to wear ear plugs to cancel it out, otherwise they would be in pain. Ash and gang help to get the Poke Flute back, and witness the beautiful festival where Snorlax is able to eat.

(Scroll over each photo to read a description. This is the process of the Harvest each year)

If you take a look at the last photo to the right above, you will see what the symbiotic relationship is all about. Like stated in the earlier episodes, Snorlax does do a lot of damage to the land. Ash's Snorlax when they first met was eating all of the grapefruit off of the islands. Although it was devastating at first, they realized that as he ate, he was also pooping out the seeds of the plants. The owner of the farm stated that the crops were growing back better than ever. Like that situation, the people of Camphrier Town realize that in order to quickly till their land and replant for next year, Snorlax is needed. Therefore, they have a festival just for him to honor what he does to help their town out. Each year, the crops grow faster and bigger than ever. We see this in real life as well. Often times plants want their fruit to be eaten so that the seeds can get pooped out and come out in great fertilizer. This helps the plants grow quicker and in a great environment. Who would have thought that Snorlax was a great fertilizer?! Maybe we should have him run a garden... (or not, he might just constantly eat everything)

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