Dairy of a Sleepy Snorlax

There is currently a fan-made book for sale on places like Amazon (click link to view the book), which takes us through the life of one very sleepy Snorlax. I personally have Amazon Prime, and was able to view the book for free on the Kindle Unlimited's first month free promotion. The book is very silly, and it is very long. There are many books like this, made by the same person, for all different Pokemon. Below is the description on the back:
Have you Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Pokemon Snorlax?

In this book, you will meet a special Munchlax who has evolved into a gigantic sleepy snorlax. Join the adventures of Berry the Sleepy Snorlax to unleash his high-powered Z-moves -- Pulverizing Pancake.

Is Snorlax really different from us? You'll be surprised at what you discover. So, jump into this Pokemon Go adventure and find out!.

Diary of a Sleepy Snorlax is a must-read for any kid or adult (who has never grown up) who loves Pokemon and Pokemon Go

Berry: "Reading this diary will make you Snore!"


Wednesday Day 1

I'm a Snorlax! This morning we found a field with pineapples. I was so happy that after I finished them off I evolved from a Munchlax!
Mom: Munchie, wake up! Time to eat!
Me: Awww, mom... WAIT! EAT?? YES!!!
Munch. Munch. Munchlax. Munch. Nom. Nom. Nom.
What's this? Pineapples! Yay!
Munch. Munch. Huh? What is happening, mom!?
Mom: Oh! You are evolving! Look dear. Our baby is growing up. I am so proud.

SNORE!! I am so excited. I can now eat double what I ate before. YUMMY! Now, the problem is finding at least 880 lbs of food! Let's see... three bananas weigh about a pound. 880... (No, let's rond up to 900!) 900x3 = 2,700 bananas
Mom: Munchie, honey?
Me: Yes, mommy?
Mom: We barely had enough food for the three of us. There is no way we can feed you now that you eat over double what you did before. I am sorry, honey, but it is time to go out on your own. Maybe you'll find a nice lady Snorlax and give us grand baby Munchlax.
Me: *Sigh* Okay. I love you both.
Mom: Be safe!
Dad: We will see you this year at the convention, son.
Me: Okay! Bye!

I need to find a banana grove. That means I have to actually move! *Sighh* This may take awhile.

Thursday Day 2

Still searching. I am SOOOO hungry.
I found a picnic basket full of food. The silly humans were swimming in the river before eating, so I helped myself. After all, I need it more than they do! I need a layer of fat so that I can protect myself.
Next, I found a few avocado trees. The avocados were very green. I ate the pits, skin, and fruit. I am too hungry to be picky!
Later, I found a farmhouse. I almost felt bad finishing off the farmer's crop, so I made sure to sprinkle the ground with my invisible dust before leaving so they will grow back faster.

Friday Day 3

I found a honey bee tree! All gone. I ate the honey combs, and probably some Weedles while I was at it.
(The Beedrills were pretty angry, but I am ALMOST immune to their stings, and I wast just starving!)
I am starting to get really cranky. No one had better get in my way when I find food, or I may have to *Headbutt* them!
Along the river again, I found a few more trees with fruit. Sigh. NOT ENOUGH!
I am going to starve to death, I just KNOW it!!

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