❁ Erika's Pokemon Yellow sprite had been altered from the original games. The only other significant opponents to be changed were Blue, Brock, and Misty, based on their prominent anime counterparts.
✾ In every battle against Erika, at least one of her Pokemon knows a sleep-inducing move.
✿ Erika's Generation III sprite is the only one of her sprites that does not have a Poke Ball in it.
❀ If one looks closely at her hairband and obi in the HeartGold and SoulSilver artwork, the heart-shaped crest from the HeartGold logo can be seen.
❁ Despite her artwork, she appeared in the anime with blue hair instead of black.
✾ Erika and Sabrina are the only Gym Leaders to have been defeated in the anime by Ash out of sequence with the games.
❁ Erika is the only Kanto Gym Leader to have the same name in both English and Japanese versions. Same with her badge, the Rainbow Badge.

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