Red runs into Erika's Pokemon on accident, and she quickly apologizes for it. Once Red realizes that Erika is the gym leader of Celadon City, he quickly challenges her to a battle. Erika's friends get angry, and ask why he would challenge her in that type of manor? Erika tells Red she only challenges people who are worthy, so he must go catch a Pokemon of her choice before she will consider. Red takes on the challenge because he knows he can do it. Erika asks him to catch an Eevee for her.

Red catches the Eevee, but he thinks it is weird that Eevee can change forms so rapidly between three types: water, fire, and electric. He notices a little chip on its ear, which outrages him. He rushes back to Erika to confront her about what he saw. Once he gets there, Erika is pleased to see the Eevee, so she immediately hands over the Rainbow Badge and thanks Red. Red, outraged at this notion, tells Erika he wants to fight her for the badge, and he needs to ask some questions. He makes it clear that he isn't a puppet that she can use to fetch her lost Pokemon. Erika smiles and lets out her Pokemon, asking if he still wants to fight. He says yes, and so they begin to battle. He ends up losing the battle against Erika. She tells him he is a great trainer, but he needs some work. She explains to him that she was testing him because she heard about him from Misty and Brock. She tells him all about Team Rocket and how they were implanting this technology into Pokemon. She asks Red for his help to protect the Pokemon and to fight Team Rocket. He agrees, and promises to do the job well.

Erika later on is seen asking Gym Leader Sabrina if she had seen Red in the Hot Springs when she went that way. Sabrina reluctantly tells Erika she did, but refuses to get into detail. Erika is interested in Red's whereabouts because she acknowledges that her friend, Misty, cares for him. Once Red finally shows up, she becomes over joyed. Team Rocket is attacking everyone, and she appreciates Red's strength and commitment to his Pokemon.
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