Erika is a very sweet girl, but she can be all about herself at times. She is often smiling when she is happy around her fun, lovely Pokemon. However, she can be very sassy at times too, especially if she isn't happy with the situation. She doesn't like it when people don't see from her point of view. She loves to be right, and she loves to have others agree with her. Erika is the type of person who could definitely be by herself with her Pokemon and be content. She doesn't really need other people in her life, or things.

When she isn't training with her Pokemon, she is creating flower arrangements. She loves to use her creative mind to its full potential, especially with the help of her Pokemon. She also can appreciate natural aromas, and that is why she also spends time creating perfumes. When she is not busy doing the things she likes, she is often sleeping. There is a rumor that if you "peek in the gym" you will see Erika snoozing in the back. People either think she doesn't get enough sleep, or she may be effected by her Pokemon's scents and skills putting her to sleep. However, don't think that because she is tired, she isn't able to kick butt as a gym leader! She becomes motivated to fight right away when a great battle comes her way.

She loves fashion, and cute things. When you register with Pokegear in Celadon City and talk to Erika, she tells Jasmine to cheer herself up by putting on "something especially gorgeous... [like a] fancy, light blue outfit with a cape over it." She is always seen in cute, fashionable outfits.
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