In the anime version of Pokemon, Erika owns a small little store in Celadon City. Outside this store, Erika tries to "woo" in customers to buy her perfume by having girls wearing cute little mini-dresses as an added bonus to the scents that flow out of the store. The smell of the perfume is very sweet, and most people are addicted to it. Brock and Misty become interested in her perfume, so they go over. However, they are unable to ask for the price of the delicious scent because Ash insults her perfume for being so expensive, causing him to get kicked out of the store. Ash and his gang later find out that this perfume is created in the Celadon Gym, by Erika, who kicked them out of the store. The store is a beautiful store, of course, because Erika owns it. It's very high-class looking, so it was an okay assumption by Ash to assume the perfume inside it would be expensive. However, we do not know if it actually is expensive, or if Ash was just over exaggerating the price. All of the female workers in the shop are wearing short pink outfits, which add to the appeal and cuteness level of the shop. Misty tries on the most popular scent called Daffodil Dreams. Team Rocket sets out to steal the secret recipe so that they can make money off of selling their own perfumes. We find out that one of the secret ingredients for the perfume is Gloom's bad odor, which knocks Team Rocket out.
"P for pretty, E for elegant, R for radiant, F for fun, U for unique , M for mysterious, E for energy, and that spells out PERFUME!" - Erika yelling at Ash

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