Celadon City is a beautiful city, and is represented well in the anime, manga, and game version of Pokemon. The Celadon Gym, also known as the Tamamushi Gym, is where Erika uses her grass-type Pokemon to challenge trainers who pass through the town. In every version of Pokemon, this gym is portrayed as a green-house. It is known for its tall buildings, and good scents!

In the game, The Celadon Gym is a large garden filled with all female trainers. It is impossible to get to Erika without knowing Cut, and you must fight at least two other trainers before you can get to her. In the first few games, the old man outside of the gym "cackles" about the girls of the gym, making it seem like they aren't strong or good. However, in HeartGold and SoulSilver, he starts saying the gym is filled with "tough trainers."

The Pokemon used by the trainers range from Lvl 21-24, so it is wise to be over that level, and/or have a Fire Type Pokemon in your party. In Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal, the trainers range from Lvl 32-37. Erika's Pokemon also ranges depending on the game. You can find that information in the party section. In Red/Blue/Yellow, you receive TM21 (Mega Drain, and in all other games you receive TM19 (Giga Drain).

In the anime version, the Gym is not only a Gym, but it is a huge green house. Misty, Brock, and a group of people join in on a class on plants and Pokemon inside, which makes it seem like it is also a learning center for taking care of plants and appreciating nature. The gym is guarded by a group of girls that look like they are wearing Safari outfits. They decide whether people can come in or not, depending on Erika's orders. The cool thing about the anime portrayal of the Gym is that is shows Erika in a new light, being hands on and interacting with people who come into her Gym. She shows pictures and allows people to see what goes on in the green house. However, in the anime, Team Rocket ends up catching her Gym on fire. Instead of worrying about her perfumes, she rushes to save all of the Pokemon that roam free in her gym. This shows that although she loves her surroundings, she is 100% motivated, and concerned, for the Pokemon around her. She is a beautiful person, inside and out!
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