➾ Gogoat is the only Pokemon with a base stat total of 531.
➾ Gogoat has the highest base HP stat of all Grass-type Pokemon.
➾ In pre-release footage shown in the E3 developer round table, Gogoat's Shiny form was shown. However, in the final release, its Shiny colors were changed drastically.
➾ Gogoat is the first Pokemon that the player character can ride in a city, though you can't control where it's going. There are glowing Kiosks around Lumiose City where you can pay to take a Gogoat or a Skiddo for a ride around the city. It's a form of public transportation. Because Gogoat is very large and personable, this Pokemon is able to escort people around the city. To get on a Gogoat instead of a Skiddo, go to the blue-signed Kiosks in the game. You are unable to control where they go, and it is a short ride, but it was just something fun they added into the game!

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