Gogoat's have the power to read minds, probably because they are able to connect themselves so well with humans. To read a mind, Gogoat needs the person to hold onto his horns - once they touch them, he will be able to fully understand the wishes and needs of the person. Gogoat's are very loyal in that they will try their best to fulfill these wishes. It seems kind of odd that a grass-type Pokemon would have this ability, especially because normally it's the psychic-type that can read minds. However, Gogoat is very in-tune with himself and his surroundings, so it comes naturally. One example of this is when Gogoat was approached by a little boy who was discouraged at home. Gogoat could sense something was wrong, so he gently headbutted the boy so that he would grasp onto his horns. Gogoat learned that this boy wanted to climb up a dangerous mountain in order to reach his father at a watchtower. Gogoat allows the boy to get on his back, and he runs to go fulfill this boys wishes.

So, you may be asking: What is mind reading? "'Mindsight' or 'empathic accuracy' is the seemingly magical ability to map someone's mental terrain from their words, emotions and body language." Gogoat does not have Telepathy because he has to touch the person in order to read their mind. Gogoat can use his thought identification to receive these messages. The significance of touch is also linking two objects together as one. Because Pokemon and Humans do not have the same language, it is needed to have touch to understand because words are simply a man-made form of communication.

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