My first point I would like to make on this section is that the goat was one of the first animals domesticated by humans. Because of these characteristics of Gogoat, it shows that the creators of Pokemon did some research before creating his personality. Because of this fact, it is safe to assume the following in relation to Gogoat:

➾ Gogoat is able to form pacts with human characters very easily. All that is needed is for him to be touched on his horns
➾ He is very well-behaved when it comes to listening and understanding Alexa

Goats are often seen roaming and grazing by themselves. This shows their sense of independence. When a goat stumbles onto your path, it may be a time period for you to contemplate your individuality. This means that sometimes you should be able to be away from the herd and be on your own. This is because goats respect the need for distance and space. Goats crave independent adventures and explorations for the sole purpose of soul-searching.

➾ Gogoat is first seen wandering the mountaintops alone before he runs into Alexa
➾ Gogoat travels on adventures to the highest mountains and to the hottest regions to help Alexa accomplish her goals and beliefs. ➾ Gogoat is able to read the mind of Alexa to help her fulfill her dreams of recording Pokemon

This shows that having a goat around you allows you to fulfill your dreams and desires. Speaking of witch, goats love to climb which makes them a symbol of acknowledging our spiritual ambitions. Their climb shows up the power of progress, ambition, and achievement. Goats also encourage us to sample the world around us. This is definitely a symbolic reason why Alexa has a Gogoat by her side.


SYMBOLIC ASSOCIATIONS: Faith, Peace, Respect, Balance, Dignity, Vitality, Distance, Courage, Virility, Curiosity, Aloofness, Sacrifice, Provision, Sturdiness, Nurturing, Exploration, Initiation, Guardianship, Masculinity, Intelligence, and Independence.

The most important trait of a goat is Sacrifice because in countless myths and legends the goat has always been used in a sacrifice ritual. The goat has suffered greatly at the hands of man. The goat offers many generous offerings for man: food, agriculture, milk, warmth, clothing, loyalty. This animal is also a great reminder of the generosity of the Mother (Nature), as well as all life's inter-connectivity within Nature. However, Goats were also sacrificed for being blamed with devil-activities. In Tarot cards, the Devil card usually has a goat-shaped head. There are many depictions of goats being evil in the past, which also gives them a bad name.

"The mountain goat is well known for its surefootedness on high rocky ledges, with its excellent climbing abilities due to its highly flexible skeleton."

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