X VERSION: Thought to be one of the first Pokemon to live in harmony with humans, it has a placid disposition.

Y VERSION: If it has sunshine and water, it doesn't need to eat, because it can generate energy from the leaves on its back.

A cute grass-type Pokemon Skiddo (Meecle), can be found in the X and Y version of Pokemon. It can be found on Route 5, in central Kalos which connects Lumiose City and Camphrier Town. You must know Cut before you can enter this Route. Skiddo will be found at level 10 on this Route, in a grass patch. It is very rare to find a Skiddo, so keep searching! If you want to start off with a Skiddo and have it evolve into Gogoat, that is the place to go find it. Their catch rate is at 200, and the gender ratio is 50%/50%, so you could easily get either gender. Once your Skiddo reaches level 32, it will evolve into Gogoat. Gogoat is the final and only stage after Skiddo.

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