Alexa is a journalist that travels around the world looking to show Pokemon in their natural habitats. She makes it her goal to give Pokemon the recognition they deserve. One day while she was setting up camp for the night, a wild Pokemon appeared and started to mess with her camera. She freaked out, because she originally traveled alone, and attempted to hurry the Pokemon along. However, this caused her camera and equipment to slide down the mountainside. Alexa, understanding that this equipment was basically her life, slid down the side of the mountain in order to regroup her belongings. She realized that she was now stuck at the bottom. She looked up and saw a Gogoat staring at her. She was impressed to see such an amazing Pokemon before her, so they approached each other. Gogoat nudge himself up against her in a friendly way, and she grasped onto his horns. After she held on, Gogoat could read her mind. He understood her desire to get back up the mountain, so he got down on all legs, hinting for her to get onto his back. He quickly ran up the mountainside to return her to her belongings and her campsite. After getting off of Gogoat, Alexa asks him if he would like to travel alongside her, forever. Gogoat gets excited and agrees to stay by her side. Alexa and Gogoat really do travel the world together. They start off going into a desert region, where Gogoat gets too excited to see water. He flings Alexa off his back, right into the pool of water. He takes his drink as she slyly floats over to him, spitting water in his face. The two of them laugh together. The two make their way to the snow-filled mountaintops. They decide to call it a night, and enter a cave together. Gogoat notices that Alexa is shivering, so he snuggles himself up against her because he has a lot of fur. She smiles and buries herself into him as well.

It is very clear throughout the episodes with Alexa that she needs Gogoat in her life. She expresses how much she trusts Gogoat to Ash, saying she has "got no better friend!" Alexa is a scatter-brain, she never can remember where she puts things. Gogoat carries two bags for her on his back. However, even though she isn't carrying her objects, she still can never remember which bag has what. Gogoat can understand her, and always tilts his head towards the side that the object is in. Alexa thanks Gogoat all of the time for being her side-kick in her operations.

One way to compare Alexa and Gogoat's friendship is to look at Ash and Pikachu's. Even Alexa herself points out that the bond between Ash and Pikachu is similar to hers with Gogoat. They are best friends, they respect each other, and the understand. Gogoat is very well-behaved and cooperates with Alexa's needs and wants. He helps her with her bad memory, carries her around, and protects her from dangerous around them. They are simply best friends!

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