The first time we see Leafeon on the anime show is by the side of Zoey, a young trainer that competes against Ash and his friends. Leafeon was able to defeat Dawn's Cyndaquil because of how strong the bond between Leafeon and Zoey is. Zoey also chose to use Leafeon is the semi-final round of the Shinnoh Grand Festival. Although Leafeon was weakened by Kricketune's Bug Buzz it was eventually able to strike back thanks to an incredible Aerial Ace-Psywave combination move that allowed it to grow wings and hit back with Leaf Blade. Although it was a hard fought competition, Leafeon and Mismagius were able to secure Zoey her place in the final. Zoey really cares for all of her Pokemon, and it is seen by the way they respond to her quickly and accurately. This is why Zoey is always able to win in the competitions because of how much her Pokemon adore her. Leafeon is one of her most adored partners, and it is great to see it.


When Virgil was really young, he was lost in the dark woods alone with his Eevee. It's Eevee evolved into Umbreon and guided the young boy out by using flash. Ever since then, Virgil has loved all of Eevee's stages and went around catching Eevees and evolving them into other stages. He eventually gets a Leafeon as well. Virgil treats all of his Pokemon with love and compassion. He understands that they have needs and yet are able to protect him as well. He does a great job taking care of and raising all of his Pokemon on his land, and also training them to help him respond to emergencies.

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