Eevee and Friends Special

Eevee and Friends Special is the 25th short film from the anime version of Pokemon. During this short special, we see Leafeon's "room," or habitat. Leafeon lives in a den that looks kind of like an acorn that is hanging from a large tree. Leafeon is seen laying on a small bed of leaves in the center, with a few other decorations around such as a log and some mushrooms. Obviously, Leafeon's room is very earthy and nature-filled. During the film, Leafeon is disturbed from its sleep and uses an attack on Oshawott, Leaf Storm, which just flings a bunch of leaves at the characters.

In another scene in the film, Meowth and Wobbuffet think Leafeon and Glaceon are beautiful, and chant about them. They tell Leafeon and Glaceon that they will make them happy and make sure there is enough food for everyone at dinner. The two goofs then begin to make a scene where they dress up as Leafeon and Glaceon and dance around for entertainment purposes. However, Leafeon and Glaceon are NOT happy with what they see. They both simultaneously unleash attacks at Meowth and Wobbuffet, blasting them off of the screen.

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