Some of the following information is based off of Leafeon's "official" profile and other books from Pokemon, while the rest I have gathered from playing Pokemon. Some information may be based off of the manga version as well if stated other wise.

HP: 65
SP. ATK: 60
SP. DEF: 65
TOTAL: 525

A Base Stat is the unofficial name for the general outline of statistics for a specific Pokemon species. Base stats usually give a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses a specific Pokemon will have. Pokemon often focus on some stats more than others. Base Stats range from 1 - 255

➾ Leafeon is one of 16 Pokemon that has a total of 525 for their base stat. This means that it averages at an 87.5 for each stat, which is decent.


To show a comparison on how Leafeon is to other grass type Pokemon, here is an overall average of Base Stat for Grass-Type Pokemon who are fully evolved:

HP: 79.03
ATTACK: 87.47
DEFENSE: 82.37
SP. ATK: 89.45
SP. DEF: 83.97
SPEED: 73.68
TOTAL: 495.97

Based on this, you can see that Leafeon has relatively low HP, SP. Attack, and Sp. Def, but high Attack, Defense, and Speed. Leafeon is a decent grass-type Pokemon to use based on these stats shown.

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