● Rapidash is able to reach it's top speeds of over 100mph in about ten steps!
● The faster Rapidash runs, the longer the flames on it's mane will become. At an all-out gallop, its blazing mane sparkles, a feature which is said to enhance its beautiful appearance.
● A Rapidash is seen with Red during the curry cooking competition that went on in Curry Showdown! Which is the Most Delicious?.
● In early English-language promotional material for Pokemon Red and Blue, it was revealed that Rapidash was to keep its romanized Japanese name 'Gallop'.
● Rapidash is the favorite Pokemon of the Kanto Pokemon Fan Club Chairman. When the player first speaks to him, he goes on about why Rapidash is his favorite Pokemon at length.
● In the in real life Pokedex that's based on Ash's, Rapidash's weight was listed as 2@9, the middle symbol most closely resembling the at symbol.