HP: 65
SP. ATK: 80
SP. DEF: 80
SPEED: 105
TOTAL: 500

A Base Stat is the unofficial name for the general outline of statistics for a specific Pokemon species. Base stats usually give a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses a specific Pokemon will have. Pokemon often focus on some stats more than others. Base Stats range from 1 - 255

➾ Rapidash is one of 29 Pokemon that has a total of 500 for their base stat. This means that it averages at 83.33 for each stat, which is pretty good.


To show a comparison on how Rapidash is to other Fire Type Pokemon, here is an overall average of Base Stat for Fire-Type Pokemon who are fully evolved:

HP: 70.20
ATTACK: 84.10
DEFENSE: 70.10
SP. ATK: 93.00
SP. DEF: 74.30
SPEED: 75.40
TOTAL: 467.10

Based on this, you can see that Rapidash is very high in every category except for HP. This is because Rapidash is seen as a very useful, strong, and quick Fire Type Pokemon. Therefore, if you're looking for a Fire Type with speed, Rapidash is a good choice.