The Squirtle Squad was a group of Squirtles that roamed free in a small town in the Kanto region. All of the Squirtle's in this squad were abandoned by their trainers who once loved them. They are identifiable by the sunglasses they wear. The leader of the group, who becomes Ash's Squirtle, wears different glasses than the rest of them. They hated and didn't trust any humans at all because the ones they loved the most abandoned them, so they acted out. Some activities that they were known for doing were grafting buildings, stealing things, and causing ruckus in the towns for humans.

Ash, Misty, and Brock all fall victim to a practical joke pulled by the Squirtle Squad. They all fall into a hole and get really angry at the Squirtle's because someone could have gotten seriously hurt. Pikachu tries to attack the Squad's main leader, but another Squirtle jumps in the way and is shocked. They all run away when they hear sirens from Officer Jenny because they are in trouble with the law.

The Squad run into Team Rocket and tie them up so they can steal their food. Meowth asks the Squirtle's to trust him because he controls the humans he is with, and to help them steal Pikachu from Ash. The Squad refuses until Meowth is able to slap around Jessie and James and call them his pets. The Squirlte Squad capture Pikachu, Ash, Brock, and Misty and tie them up. They follow Meowth into a small cave with their hostages. Pikachu is extremely ill and hurt from being attacked earlier, and Ash starts crying. He begs the Squirtle Squad to allow him to leave and run to the PokeMart so that he can get Pikachu a super potion. The leader of the Squad allows Ash to leave, but Meowth gives him one day to return.

When Ash returns, no one is in the cage. He runs outside and sees Team Rocket attacking everyone, including the Squirtle Squad. Jessie tells the Squirtle Squad they are attacking them because they have publicly embarrassed Team Rocket. Team Rocket begins throwing bombs down, as Misty, Brock, Ash and the Squad all run for cover. The leader of the Squad falls on his back, unable to get up. Ash turns around and sees this, as he runs back and jumps on top of Squirtle to save him from the bombs. Misty screams out that two more bombs are about to be dropped, when Ash tells Squirtle to run and save himself. Squirtle cries and grabs Ash above his head and runs like crazy to safety.

The Leader helps Ash get Pikachu back from Team Rocket. The whole Squad uses their water gun attack in order to save the forest from burning down. As a Squad, they save the whole town. Officer Jenny rewards the Squad with a certificate that appoints them as the Town Fire Fighters. Everyone congratulates and thanks the Squirtles for all of their hard work and effort. The Squirtles become more friendly and happy to be around people again. They all put on their new jackets and pose for all of their fans.

As Ash, Misty, and Brock set out to leave, they begin to notice that the Leader was following them. Ash smiles and asks him if he wants to come with them on their journey, and Squirtle takes off his sun glasses and smiles very big with his eyes sparkling. Ash kneels down and opens his arms, as Squirtle runs and jumps into Ash's arms and they embrace. Ash and Squirtle become excited to start a journey together, especially because Ash has always wanted a Squirtle of his own. The two form a lovely pair and stay together for awhile.

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