Ash and Squirtle enjoy themselves for a long time, and fight alongside each other to help Ash attain his goal of being a Pokemon Master. When Ash comes into a town and sees there is a Pokemon competition to be the best fire squad out there, Ash asks Misty if he can use some of her Pokemon and Squirtle to join in on the competition. While the Pokemon are stretching and practicing, Officer Jenny and the Squirlte Squad show up to compete as well. Ash's Squirtle runs over to it's old friends and they all reunite by slapping their tails against each others and hugging in a big circle.

Officer Jenny asks the Squirtle Squad to practice against the Wartortle Gang, but sadly they are losing. Ash's Squirtle runs over and acts like the leader once again, commanding their water-guns to hit the targets together. They are all happy and surprised when the Squirtle Squad works well together. Ash comments that his Squirtle is a great leader and that it's clear the gang needs him. As the competition starts, Ash loses right away with his team to the Wartortle Gang. They stay to cheer on Officer Jenny and the Squirtle Squad, however.

The Squirtle Squad is extremely nervous and uncomfortable when they get on the stage. Officer Jenny tries to lead them by telling them to calm down and aim. However, they end up falling over and making a fool out of themselves. Ash's Squirtle looks at him, and Ash nods as he runs over to help his old comrades. He puts his glasses back on for the first time in forever, and leads his team. The team ends up winning, and they are all happy. Team Rocket comes and tries to steal everyone's Pokemon, but Ash's Squirtle and all of the other Pokemon attack Team Rocket and win. It is clear that this Squirtle is a born leader, and that everyone in his Squad need and miss him.

Ash tells Squirtle that if he wants to go and be with his friends again, that he can leave. He tells Squirtle, "These guys need you, Squirtle. The Squirtle Squad is a really great Fire Fighting Team, but they need someone really strong to lead them, and that someone is you." The Squirtle Squad is overjoyed to know they will have their friend, leader, and comrade back by their sides. However, Ash and his gang are sad. Squirtle makes his rounds saying goodbye to all of Ash's other Pokemon. Ash says his goodbyes and reminds Squirtle that they will "always be friends forever," and Squirtle smiles at him and leaves.

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