to The Perfect Fit a tribute to the anime and manga series, Nisekoi, brought to you by Megan in March of 2016. The navigation is directly above and is labeled Series, Characters, Fanlisting, Media, Gallery, Website, Clear. The first section, series, will bring you to general information regarding Nisekoi, it's creators, episode and manga guides, etc. The next, characters, will give you an introduction to all of the main and supporting characters. These two sections will be primarily based off of the anime version of Nisekoi, simply because I am most caught up with the anime. Fanlisting is an extra addition to this site, and will lead you to the approved fanlisting to the series. You can stop by and join if you feel inclined! Media will bring you to different goodies that you can use on forums, your desktop, and even some adoptables. Come back to this section periodically to see if there is anything new to be found! The next section, gallery, will lead you to an enormous screenshot portal! This will continuously be updated until the anime is completed. Website will bring you to all of the technically information about The Perfect Fit, as well as affiliates and links to other great Nisekoi, as well as other series tributes! Finally, clear will bring you right back here! Please enjoy your look around, and always feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks for visiting!

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