The following Weapons are all the weapons that Lloyd can get in Tales of Symphonia. They are all two-bladed swords, and very powerful. To equip, go to the weapons panel and equip your new weapon. Make sure to pay attention to whether the weapon makes your stats go up or down, because sometimes a new weapon can be worse than an old one. You can find weapons in shops, or boxes on the map. You can also make weapons at the customization shops found in various towns. Here are his weapons:

Kusanagi Blade ----> Sla 930, Thr 850, Added damage to undead
Ninja Sword ----> Sla 860, Thr 820, Atk Darkness
Paper Fan ----> Sla 850, Thr 750, Acc 30, Lck 30
Valkyrie Saber ----> Sla 850, Thr 930
Material Blade ----> Sla 820, Thr 820
Angel's Tear ----> Sla 750, Thr 730
Wasier Rapier ----> Sla 600, Thr 630, Def 15
Muramasa ----> Sla 590, Thr 560
Elemental Brand ----> Sla 530, Thr 510
Defenser ----> Sla 500, Thr 495, Def 15
Dragon Tooth ----> Sla 440, Thr 470, Added damage to dragons
Saint Rapier ----> Sla 410, Thr 440, Atk Light
Shiden ----> Sla 410, Thr 380, Atk Lightning
Kotetsu ----> Sla 350, Thr 320
Ogre Sword ----> Sla 320, Thr 300, Added damage to undead
Nimble Rapier ----> Sla 265, Thr 295
Sinclaire ----> Sla 235, Thr 265
Osafune ----> Sla 220, Thr 200
Masamune ----> Sla 190, Thr 165
Rapier ----> Sla 130, Thr 155
Mumei ----> Sla 115, Thr 100
Knight's Saber ----> Sla 100, Thr 90
Wooden Blade ----> Sla 70, Thr 60
Nebilim ----> Sla 0, Thr 0, Eva -20, Lck -20

Angel's Tear -
A sword that conjures an image on an angel's tear.

Defenser -
A sword used for both offense and defense

Dragon Tooth -
A long sword made from a dragon's tooth

Elemental Brand -
A brand with five elemental laws inscribed on its blade.

Knight's Saber -
A saber crafted for use by the King's knights.

Kotetsu -
An excellent blade made by a legendary craftsman of the same name.

Kusanagi Blade -
A weapon used by the eastern gods to defeat evil spirits.

Masamune -
A very sharp blade. Nicknamed "Gauntlet Cutter."

Material Blade -
A weapon composed of a blade of fire and a blade of ice.

Mumei -
A very sharp sword. Its forger is unknown.

Muramusa -
A blade so sharp, enemies don't feel the blow.

Nebilim -
A cursed weapon. Its background is a mystery.

Nimble Rapier -
A thin sword. Can slice like the wind.

Ninja Sword -
A sword once held by a legendary female ninja.

Ogre Sword -
A curved sword crafted and polished to its very best.

Osafune -
A fine blade named after an eastern country.

Paper Fan -
Makes a loud noise when it hits someone.

Rapier -
A sword designed specifically for thrust attacks.

Saint Rapier -
A holy sword designed specifically for thrust attacks.

Shiden -
A blade treasured by the noble family of the same name.

Sinclaire -
A saber that's refined to be more effective.

Valkyrie Saber -
A saber with the name of a valkyrie inscribed on its blade.

Wasier Rapier -
A rapier that belonged to a renowned lord.

Wooden Blade -
A blade made of wood, but dangerous if swung.

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