If Kyouko was to become a witch, her form was reveled to be named Ophelia. It makes an appearance in the Madoka Magica Portable game. She is classified as the witch of wudan, with the nature of abandonment. Wundan is a porto-indo-eurpoean word that translates to mean water. It also translates from Chinese to be a fierce female warrior in the Opera.
A witch who eternally wanders with hollow footsteps within the fog. She can no longer remember what the horse that always accompanies her was.
Ophelia's minions have the task to continuously march beside her in an orderly fashion through the fog. The witch doesn't have any reason in particular to approach the familiars that follow her. Ophelia can generate separate bodies, just like Kyouko's Rosso Fantasma effect. These duplicates are not purely illusionary. They are capable of powerful melee attacks. Ophelia can transform into a spear for a long-range attack. She can also assault by becoming a lance form. Her familiars can shoot fireballs or slash with their deformed heads. Homura fights Kyoko's witch by herself. It is better to utilize her magic to stop time and attack with a powerful weapon to beat multiple enemies at once.

→ Ophelia appears in Mami's Heart Pounding Tiro Finale game.
→ Ophelia wears a long, mostly red garment that is somewhat reminiscent of, but still distinct from, her magical girl outfit.
→ Ophelia is fought on a narrow, confined area blocked off on either side by her barriers, somewhat reminiscent of the alley where Kyoko fought Sayaka in Episode 5.

story of a witch

When Kyouko is informed of Mami's death, she becomes extremely upset, especially when she hears of a new magical girl in Mami's old territory. Kyouko from the beginning dislikes Sayaka, and she begins watching her moves. The story is pretty similar to the anime version, but there are two alternative endings. The first one is how to NOT have Kyouko become a witch and the second is when she does turn into a witch, all depending on how dark her soul gem is.

When Sayaka transforms into Oktavia, and Kyouko's soul gem is dark, the following happens. Kyouko begins to question Homura about whether she thinks Sayaka could have been turned back or not. She also confronts Homura for being so cruel to all of the magical girls and not talking about herself. Homura gets annoyed that Kyouko blames her for the death of Sayaka, and claims that she didn't kill Sayaka; She kills the witch born from Sayaka's soul gem. Homura then tells Kyouko that it is, and always will be impossible to turn Sayaka or any other magical girl back from a witch. Kyouko realizes how meaningless life is, and that the things she does are just as pointless. Kyouko begins to laugh and says that since she can't help anyone she wants to save, she will curse the world. She transforms into Ophelia after this and is eventually killed off by Homura.

When fighting Ophelia, you must realize that she is potentially one of the more difficult fights in the game. Her melee familiars hit hard and her flame throwing ones can shoot flames up to five squares, past the meleers. So particularly when stacked, they can be formidable. Try to avoid having them stack but should that occur, Delay Mine is helpful. Ophelia has a very powerful Rosso Fantasma, which will instantly put her images in melee distance. This can result in multiple strong attacks in one round, enough to kill Homura. The fight becomes manageable if Homura uses Clock Up, Suspend Time and Clock Down to quickly kill off Ophelia before she starts her attack.

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