a family destroyed by a wish

Kyouko loved her family so much as a child. She thought her dad was the nicest guy alive, and he had amazing ideas. Every morning when he read the newspaper, he would tear up because of all of the evil and hate in the world. He owned a church in a town called Kazamino. He said the only way to save a new era was to have a new type of religion. He would preach things that weren't apart of the doctrine that his followers were used to hearing. Because of his radical thoughts, people stopped coming to his church and following what he said. He was excommunicated from the church because his ideas seemed "cult-like" and unreasonable.

This angered Kyouko because she realized what he was talking about was the right thing to do, and even the obvious thing to do in some cases. However, because he was an outcast in society, no one would listen to him at all. When people act different than society, they are left with nothing. The family couldn't even provide food on their table for any meal of the day all because he wasn't preaching the norm. Kyouko became angry and could no longer bear the burden that her father had placed on himself for no reason. She asked Kyubey to make it so people would seriously listen to what her father said, and believe in it. That was her wish when she became a magical girl.

Starting as soon as the next day, her fathers sermon was filled with people. The numbers multiplied each day at a "frightening" rate. Witches wouldn't die from her fathers sermons, however. She felt like that was her part in the bargain, to save the world from the shadow of physical destructions and her father would change the world publicly. They would be like two super heroes that would be indestructible.

That dream of hers was short lived, however. Her father found out that his followers didn't come because they naturally believed in him, but his daughter cursed them to believe. He told her that she was a witch that swayed peoples hearts. This was ironic because Kyouko was actually fighting real witches every single night because she wanted her father to be happy and successful again. Her father snapped, losing his sanity and his sense of reality. He became an alcoholic and drank away his anger and disbelief. He went from being a kind hearted, honest man, to a pitiful drunk. He ended up killing his whole family besides for Kyouko, and then committing suicide. She was left all alone because of the wish she had made for him.

Kyouko became a magical girl because she wanted to bring joy to her family once again. She was angry that her family couldn't afford food because society didn't want to accept her father for preaching something that wasn't written in a book. However, her "selfish" wish went without question, and in the end brought more destruction than good. This made me wonder if Kyouko would have been better off starving in the streets with her family by her side, or if making the wish in the end saved at least herself. I don't think she would ever wish death or destruction to her family, but the wish she made could have been one that would save her whole family. Her father was not mentally stable enough to handle what happened, killing her family and her wish.

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