Kyouko's weapon of choice is a long-shafted spear. Many people reference her spear to be like a scorpion spear. This is because of how the pieces are linked together during battle, just like a scorpions tail. Also, because scorpions represent protection or warding off evil, it seems a little bit to coincidental that she also does warding spells during battle as well. Another reference to her weapon is a unicorn's horn. This is thought because on the cover of the Blu-Ray version of Episode 9, a unicorn wind-chime appears next to Kyouko during her talk about saving Sayaka. According to antique encyclopedias, its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. This often gets extended to the lifting of curses and breaking of illusions. Sayaka is seen as a mermaid, and is associated with water, when she is in her witch form.

Like all of the magical girls, Kyouko gained special powers by making a contract. Her magical powers are called enchantment. Because she got her wish of "getting people to listen" while in fact it was something like charming or hallucination, she got the magic power related to those things. This power allows her to create illusions to entice or confuse her opponents. She is also able to split herself into multiple images during battle to make it harder to tell which one is really her. Kyouko rejects her power after the death of her family and the rejection of her wish. Her magic abilities become useless, and is only shown during the manga series: The Different Story, before the death of her family. Kyubey explains that if Kyouko's mindset changes, her magic abilities could come back, but they will never be the same as it was once before.

Kyouko's special attack is called Rosso Fantasma, nick-named the Red Phantom by Mami. Like her powers above, she stops using her special attack because of her own personal demons that haunt her mind with her powers. She doesn't believe that her powers will do good, so she fights with her weapon and her knowledge and seniority of being a magical girl. It is heavily assumed that she uses this power to defeat Oktavia (Sayaka's witch) once her ideals were rekindled again about the importance and true meaning of magical girls.

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