is there an eating disorder?

It is safe to say that in almost every scene with Kyouko, she is eating, or she has food with her. This made me wonder a little bit whether or not she has some type of eating disorder, or an addiction, because of her past experiences with lack of food. I decided to do some research, and I realized that one disorder she could have due to her stress is binge eating disorder. By definition, binge eating is "eating a large amount of food in an out of control fashion, and not using any sort of behaviors to get rid of it." When people binge eat, it's almost always on sugars or simple carbohydrates, as well as fats and salty foods. Sound familiar?

Another trait that could also make sense is called compulsive overeating. By definition, compulsive overeating is when "they are constantly overeating to make themselves feel better. Food is used as a replacement for what is missing." Kyouko made her wish to be a magical girl so that her father and her family could be happy and put food on the table. In the end, her father ended up killing everyone but her. She got the food temporarily, but then she lost her whole family. She could be shoving her face with food because she is replacing her family with food. This would make sense also as a self-punishment because she is forcing herself to overtake what she was trying to grant her family, but ended up destroying it more.

Other personality traits that stuck out to me as a read flag for people with eating disorders are as followed:
1. not being as happy as normal
2. not wanting to mix with friends or family
3. being moody
4. doing poorly at school
5. sleeping a lot
6. being angry
Here are the most common causes of eating disorders, which a lot of them have to do with Kyouko's life story that she tells:
1. high personal expectations
2. setting unrealistic goals that a person believes will bring love and respect to ones family or friends
3. feeling the need to gain control over ones life
4. overwhelming feelings of not being good enough
5. Having low self-esteem - this can be hard to see because some people seem to be really 'together' on the outside, even when they are feeling bad inside.
6. Depression; being sad or irritable much of the time, avoiding doing things with friends.
However, she could just simply be eating a lot because she didn't have food on her table for a long period of time, and now she has access to it. Eating the food could be a way of showing the people who put her and her family down that she is doing great and can afford a lot of food now, even though we know she actually just steals a lot. Whatever may be the case, I believe that there is a reason why Kyouko is always seen eating food.

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