For the most part, Kyouko looks the same in the anime and the manga versions of this series. She has long reddish-purple hair that she keeps up in a ponytail. Even while its in the ponytail, her hair has a lot of volume and length. She wears a black bow on her head in both her normal outfits and her transformation outfit. (To see more on her transformation, click on the transformation information page) Her gloves, the way her hair is parted, and her facial structure are the only main differences physically between the manga and the anime. We see her tooth a lot more in the anime, which makes her look cute and a bit weird at the same time. She seems a little bit more fierce in the manga version than in the anime. Her face seems more evil and stern as well. She swears a lot more in the manga version, also adding to her "bad-ass" physique she has going on. I think that the anime production wanted the girls to look cuter to make it seem more like a magical girl show at first, which is why in the anime she looks younger and more innocent. In the manga, the series itself is a bit more intense and vulgar, causing Kyouko to look extremely rebellious.

One thing I like about this series is that their outfits are appropriate lengths. They are in middle school so they shouldn't be wearing promiscuous clothing items. They also have appropriate breast sizes for their age which is another plus. Their faces in the anime fit their age, while I kind of think the manga makes them seem a bit older. Kyouko is a rebellious character in both versions. She was left alone to fend for herself, making her a bit edgier than the other characters. This is shown in her casual outfit choice where she appears to be comfortable showing her navel/she has short-shorts on, as well as her facial expressions. For the most part, Kyouko appears to be the same character with minor differences between the manga series and the anime series.

Ai Nonaka, Kyouko's Japanese voice actress describes Kyouko's speech as a "Shouwa-ish" style, meaning from the Shouwa Era (1926-1989). She says Kyouko has an old-school style of talking. This promotes Kyouko's anti-hero/flawed-human character by having a kind of a slang in her speech. In an original draft for the series, Kyouko DID steal the apples that she gives out to Sayaka. But, they decided not to include it and just let the viewer assume based on her edgy-style and slang.

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