Fruits Basket, also known as Furuba, is a shoujo manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. In July 2001, an anime version was released by director Akitaro Daichi on TV Tokyo. This anime series lasted 26 episodes, and aired for the last time on December 21, 2001. This tribute is based mostly off of the manga version of the series, because the anime was not completed. Also, the anime version twisted a lot of the plot, and therefore is inaccurate to the original story told by Natsuki Takaya.

The series focuses on the Sohma family, where we learn the curse of the Chinese Zodiac. Each animal spirit of the zodiac formed a bond with a human child from this family, who would be cursed by that animal for the rest of their life. A young high school student, Tohru Honda, who recently lost her mother, camps out in what she thought was an abandoned forest. She soon finds out that she was camping on land belonging to Yuki Sohma, a student that she also attended school with. When they find out, Yuki and his older cousin, Shigure, allow Tohru to live with them. She promises to cook, clean, and take care of the house in order to stay. Another family member, Kyou Sohma, shows up surprisingly, threatening to kill Yuki. Tohru gets upset, and tries to stop the attack, running into Kyou's body. This causes Kyou to transform into a cat. Panicing, Tohru falls on Yuki and Shigure, releasing their zodiac animals, the rat and the dog, as well. This is when Tohru's whole world would forever change, as she walks hand in hand with Yuki and Kyou into the secrets of the Sohma family.


Tohru Honda, is the main character of Fruits Basket. She is an outsider the comes to learn the secrets of the Sohma family. She asks Yuki Sohma to always be her friend, even if her memories get erased. However, Akito, the leader of the Sohma clan allowed Tohru to continue to keep her memories and live with Yuki, Kyou, and Shigure. Tohru is a very special girl, and her love, compassion, and respect towards the Sohma family change their lives forever. She becomes the main love interest for Kyou Sohma during the series.

Kyou Sohma, is the second main character of Fruits Basket. He is cursed by the cat zodiac, which is the least respected one out of the twelve zodiac. Kyou was always blamed for everything growing up, causing him to find hatred towards the rat, Yuki. He lived his life always blaming Yuki for all of his problems, instead of trying to find peace. Tohru Honda changes Kyou's life, and allows him to finally see the good in the world, and most importantly, himself. Kyou is Tohru Honda's main love interest during the series.

Yuki Sohma, is the third main character of Fruits Basket. He is cursed by the rat zodiac, which was the most loved by all of the Sohma family. Although he had the best reputation, that doesn't mean he didn't feel sadness, loneliness, or despair. He actually hated himself, and wished that he could have been born the cat zodiac. He is forced into rivalry with Kyou Sohma, but learns to open up his feelings because of Tohru Honda. Yuki is able to fall in love with Machi Kuragi at the end of the series.

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