kingdom hearts ii quotes

The following are all of the lines that Saix says during the scripts and cut scenes of Kingdom Hearts II. To find the battle quotes, please scroll down to the very bottom. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.

????: Impressive.
????: By the way, have you seen a man named Axel? I expect he's here somewhere.
????: You see, Axel's no longer acting in our best interest.
????: Yes.
????: Don't let your guard down. Axel will stop at nothing to turn you into a Heartless.
????: Glad to hear it. Axel aside, it would break our hearts to hear something happened to you.
????: True, we don't have hearts.
Saix: But we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special.
Saix: We know very well how to injure a heart. Sora, you just keep on fighting those Heartless.
Saix: Don't be reckless. Do you want to end up like Riku?

Saix: Axel!
Saix: We'll ensure he receives the maximum punishment.
Saix: If it's Kairi you're worried about, don't. We're taking very good care of her.
Saix: Is she that important to you?
Saix: Show me how important.
Saix: So, you really do care for her. In that case...the answer is no.
Saix: Are you angry? Do you hate me? Then take that rage, and direct it at the Heartless.
Saix: They gather in darkness, masterless and free...until they weave together to make Kingdom Hearts. And when that time comes, we can truly, finally exist.
Saix: Fool...
Saix: Now then. Where did we leave off?
Saix: The Heartless ally with whoever's the strongest.
Saix: Yes, Sora! Extract more hearts!

Saix: Sora knows the truth. He's realized the more Heartless he defeats, the more we take advantage of him. I don't think we can manipulate him as easy as before.

Saix: Namine... There you are.
Saix: I'll take you to see Sora.
Saix: You don't want that?
Saix: If I had a heart, this would be where I die of laughter.
Saix: You... Didn't Roxas take care of you?

Saix: Sora... You've done well.
Saix: Who knows? I expect she's catching up with her friend from the darkness.
Saix: She doesn't need you anymore.
Saix: Well, you don't have to... But you can believe this. Organization XIII has no further use for you... Just look there.
Saix: Our Kingdom Hearts... Thanks to you, we've collected countless hearts... Can you hear their euphoria? Now, all they need is one more helping from the Keyblade bearer!
Saix: Well, well. Will the intrusions never end?

Saix: Xemnas. Is Kingdom Hearts ready?
Saix: Then, I can end this charade?
Saix (smiling): How I've waited to hear that.

Saix: Only you could have made it this far in one piece...Roxas.
Saix: Different name, same fate.
Saix: Do you feel it, the moon's power? Moon, shine down!
Saix: A heart... if I had a heart...
Saix: Why... Kingdom Hearts... Where is my heart?

"Do you feel it, the moon's power?" (When entering battle.)
"No exit!" (When attacking normally.)
"You want to see me die fighting?" (When in normal mode.)
"Moon, shine down!" (When transforming into berserk state.)
"Be gone!" (When attacking in berserk state.)
"Move aside!" (When attacking in berserk state.)
"All shall be lost to you!" (When attacking continuously in berserk state.)
"I misjudged you..." (When knocked out of berserk state.)
"A heart... if I had a heart..." (When defeated.)

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