Japanese VA - Ginpei Sato

BIRTHDAY: October 19, 1977
is a Japanese voice actor in numerous anime and non-anime works. He is most known for his role as Saix of Organization XIII (Kingdom Hearts II) and as Jin (Samurai Champloo), who are both voiced by Kirk Thornton in their respective English dubs.
➾ Hirayama Yukio from Akagi
➾ Shun from Be Rockin'
➾ Isa from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
➾ Turk (Two Guns) from Last Order: Final Fantasy VII
➾ Jin from Sanurai Champloo

English VA - Kirk Thorton

BIRTHDAY: May 13, 1956
BIRTHPLACE: Portland, Oregon
Kirk Thorton was born as Sean Thorton and later changed his name. He is well known for playing tough, grouchy, older men in anime and video game sereis'. According to Anime News Network, Thornton boasts the most credits of any male voice actor who does English language dubbing, and in the field in general, is second only to Wendee Lee in total credits. To date he has been in over two hundred voice-over productions for Japanese animation.
➾ Kaname Ohgi from Chobits
➾ Mr.Matsuki from Digimon Tamers
➾ Isa from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
➾ Kisame Hoshigaki from Naruto
➾ Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss

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