saix's nobody in kingdom hearts ii

Some of the following information is from Kingdom Hearts II's "official profile," while other parts are various facts that I have gathered from the parts of Kingdom Hearts 2 that he appears in.

NAME: Berserker
LOCATION: Twilight Town (BL 28), Twilight Town (BL 47), The World That Never Was (BL 50)
WEAKNESS: Physical, Fire, Blizzard, Lightning, Darkness, Non-Elemental (all 100%)

REACTION COMMAND: Berserk --> Eclipse --> Magna Storm
- strength: 50%
- timing: Approach the enemy's weapon after it has been dropped.
- reaction: Press triangle to start "Berserk", Sora picks up the weapon and floats alongside it. You'll be able to move around, but much slower than usual. If you touch another enemy while moving, it will be dragged with you. Approach the Berserker and use "Eclipse" which is available after a few seconds, keep using the Eclipse attack and then "Magna Storm" appears after the third successful Eclipse attack. Note that each strike of Magna Storm inflicts 300% damage, rather than 50%, and Sora is invincible during the whole chain of reaction commands.

- Dense Crystal: 12% chance
- Serenity Crysta: 4% chance

- MP: Big - 3 MP with a quantity of 6 of them.

"A berserker. A high-ranking Nobody. Its attacks are hard to read as it is dragged around by a cursed hammer.
Attacks from the front will only be parried by its hammer. Knock it down to make it let go of the hammer. Then pick up the hammer to unleash a flurry of attacks with Berserk." - Square Enix

Berserker's can be very troublesome, their sword attacks can be deadly and are hard to dodge, fighting more than one of these gets very tough. Instead, keep your distance and look for a good opportunity to attack. Note that it is difficult to strike them from the front because their sword deflects any hits, so try and attack from behind. If they ever lose their weapon go to it immediately and use the Berserk reaction command, along with the following Eclipse and Magna Storm.

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