The following information is the way Saix appears in all of the games related to the Kingdom Hearts series. Not much changes between the games other then the images of him that are out. He normally looks exactly the same. Therefore, I put it in the basic information to make it easier.

Like all of the other Organization members, Saix wears the typical long black cape. The cape goes all the way down to his ankles and has a silver zipper that goes all the way up to his neck. Saix shows a bit more cleavage then some of the other Organization members, showing off a fit body. He is very lean and healthy looking, showing that he is in good shape and fit to go out and battle. He has long blue hair that goes down past his shoulders, about chest length. He pushes up the hair that would be above his forehead to be spiky, while the rest flows down his front and back sides. Saix's ears are very pointy at the top, and make him look almost like a type of Elf. He has his ears pierced as well with white stones/pearls(?)

The best feature about Saix is the fact that he has a giant Х on his forehead right in between his eyes. It is assumed he must have gotten into a battle and received the injury, but it is not known in the game. Isa, his someone, never had a scar on his face, so it must have happened when he turned into a Nobody. To go with his intense battle scar, Saix is never really smiling at all. He usually has a stern look on his face because he is not happy very often. However, when he is smiling, its never a sincere smile. It is always an evil one. The only time Saix seems concerned in his facial features is when he warns Axel not to stray away.

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