kingdom hearts 358/2 days roxas' dairy reports

The following are all of the secret reports that Saix asked Roxas to record down in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The only ones posted here are about Saix, however, written by Roxas. If you are not looking to be spoiled, please refrain from reading. Thanks!

Day 7: Entry 1

It's been a week since I got here. Saix told me to keep a diary, but he said nobody would check it. What am I supposed to write about?

Today they told us to go to the Round Room, where we met our new member, No. XIV. Was I like that when I first got here? I think I was. But I don't remember too well.

Day 26: How Long?

I only remember part of this day. I heard somebody sent to Castle Oblivion was terminated. Saix said it may have been Axel.

I tried to ask Xigbar about it on the day's mission, and he said nothing's left of Nobodies once we're gone, because we have no hearts to leave behind. I don't remember much after that. They say I collapsed and wouldn't wake up...

Day 73: Where's Xion?

After I finished my mission I wanted all three of us to have ice cream, but I couldn't find Xion. It's been at least ten days since I've seen her.

Axel said he'd ask Saix what was going on. Speaking of Axel, I didn't see him at the clock tower today.

Day 150: Too Precious to Lose

Xion didn't come to the clock tower again today. She and Saix had some kind of argument. Axel and I talked for a while about the things we can't bear to lose. Axel thinks that for Nobodies, it's our pasts, because that's all we have to remember the pain of losing something. I don't remember my past, but the idea of losing the present---Axel or Xion---scares me.

Day 172: Xion Collapsed

Xion failed her mission and now she's in a deep sleep. I thought they were lying to me when they told me, but I went to see her, and she really was just asleep. I left a seashell by her pillow, just like she did for me.

Saix hates her. I don't know why. Maybe he knows more about her than the rest of us do.

Those pictures flashed through my mind again on today's mission (the same boy in red as usual). I guess he's been to Wonderland. I'm still trying to figure out what it is I'm seeing.

Day 173: Picking Up the Slack

I've decided to work harder while Xion is asleep to pick up some of the slack. Axel said he asked Saix about her, but no dice. He did say that Saix was having second thoughts about calling her broken, though.

I just hope we get all this drama ironed out soon, so she doesn't have to wake up to it.

Day 256: Xion's Gone Missing

Xion has gone missing, but nobody said anything about her being hurt, so that's good...I guess.

Did she run off? That doesn't make any sense. Xemnas told us not to go after her. The way Saix explained it, it's almost like they don't think she's worth getting back.

What is going on?

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