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NAME: Riku Replica
NICK NAME: Repliku
HOME ORIGIN: Castle Oblivion
NAME MEANING: Shore Replica
AGE: Unknown, assumed to be the same as Riku, though.
VOICE ACTOR: David Gallagher
SEIYUU: Mamoru Miyano
Riku Replica is a very complex and under-appreciated character because of his small appearance through out the games of Kingdom Hearts. Riku Replica is a very aggressive and protective character, which differs him from Riku. Riku Replica is able to embrace the darkness that lies within his heart and can wield it effectively. He is very stubborn, unwilling to admit that he is a replica or any less of a person than the real Riku. His main goal is to search for proof of his existence. He gets easily aggravated when he is confused or when other members of Organization XIII try to trick him about who he is and why he is there. Riku Replica often lashed out and argued back with people who looked down upon him or argued with him, regardless of how much power they held above him. It is clear that the Replica version of Riku is capable of possessing real feelings. He has an outright affection for Namine, even if his emotions were tampered with. Overall, Riku Replica is a lot like Riku, just more aggressive and protective of himself and the people around him.

"A replica of Riku created by Vexen from the real Riku's data.
Through Namine's power he was infused with false memories and made to believe he was the real Riku.
The truth has wounded him deeply." - Jiminy's Journal (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories)

"A replica of Riku created by Vexen from the real Riku's data.
Unlike the real Riku, he wields darkness freely, but is burdened by the fact that he is an imitation." - Journal Entry (Kingdom Hearts: Reverse/Rebirth)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is an action role-playing game developed in Japan by Jupiter and published by Square Enix in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance. It was one of the first GBA games to include full motion video. The game was later re-made into a PlayStation 2 game titled Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain Of Memories in Japan in 2007 and was brought to America later in 2008. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was the second game in the Kingdom Hearts series as a direct sequel to Kingdom Hearts I. The story centers around the protagonist of the first game, Sora, exploring a mysterious castle in search of his friends. As he ascends the castle, his friend and rival, Riku, explores the basement levels and fights his inner darkness. The game introduces new characters and plot-lines that further expand the Kingdom Hearts universe and set up the premise for Kingdom Hearts II.

The idea for an intermediary title was developed after director Tetsuya Nomura and his team had already begun to develop ideas for the second Kingdom Hearts game, which he had intended to be set a year after the original. Originally titled Kingdom Hearts: Lost Memories, Nomura changed the name to match the overall outline of the story, while still reflecting the theme of memories. Chain of Memories was developed to bridge the gap between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Like most sequels, Kingdom Hearts II was planned to have the character start from the beginning, ability-wise. To explain the loss of abilities gained in the previous game, Nomura had the story revolve around Sora's memories getting disorganized and implemented the card battle system to symbolize Sora's various memories.

the replica story

Riku Replica was created by one of the Organization XII members, Vexen, in order to test Riku's strength. His main goal was to push Riku's heart into the Darkness where it once was. At the first meeting, Riku is shocked to see his counterpart right in front of him. After a few taunting words, a short-lived battle ignites. Due to a short life span of Riku Replica, he lacked experience and quickly lost the fight. However, he was unable to be destroyed by Riku because Riku Replica was able to utilize the power of Darkness. Riku Replica is able to escape, eventually ending up in the Organization's chambers. As he enters the chambers, Larxene makes fun of him for losing the battle against the real Riku. Riku Replica denies that he had any fault in the situation, stating that his experience was what hurt him and once his powers grew more, he would be able to defeat anyone. Larxene continues to bash him, calling him "nothing but a mere toy," because he is a puppet created by Vexen. After plans change, Sora is the new target puppet. Larxene suggests that they change the replica's memories to be more like Riku's so that he would be a more stronger and useful "tool" for the Organization. After overhearing Larxene's plans, the replica refuses to obey, saying he doesn't need the old and useless memories he had. After much thought, the other Organization members begin to agree with her. In fear of his life and new memories, Riku Replica assaults Larxene, and is soon knocked out by her. Namine is later forced to rewrite the replica's memories in according to their new plans.

After Riku Replica's memories are changed, he swore his full dedication and protection to Namine. He began to see Sora as a threat, feeling already betrayed by Sora. He felt like Sora only cared for Kairi and not him or Namine. Sora's first real encounter with the replica confused him greatly, wondering why his good friend Riku was in the castle as well (he doesn't realize it is a replica). Sora manages to defeat Riku Replica, but he soon escapes and runs away from Sora. Later on, Riku Replica meets Sora once again in Castle Oblivions 8th floor, where he tells Sora to leave the castle because he is now able to protect Namine. Hoping to regain his friendship, Sora tries to job Riku Replica's memories, but nothing works. The begin to fight again for a second time. Riku Replica is defeated once again, but Sora tries to tell him that they could save Namine "together." Enraged, Riku Replica screams at Sora about his true feelings, saying that he was always trying to get into Sora's heart but it never mattered to him how he really felt. Afterwards, Riku Replica runs away leaving Sora confused and alone. On the 11th floor of the castle, Riku Replica runs into Sora again, after Vexen had been murdered, where he means to force Sora to leave. Sora, who had defeated Vexen, tells the replica that he is free, but he responds by saying he was protecting Namine with his own free will. After explaining to Sora the promise he made with Namine, Sora shows the same lucky charm that Namine gave to him as she did with the replica, however, Sora exclaims that the true one is the one he holds. Riku Replica becomes outraged and tells Sora that "the Keyblade masters lucky charm," is fake. After another battle, Riku Replica loses, runs away, and drops his charm, which turns into a World Card.

On the 12th floor of the castle, Riku Replica's false memories come to an end. Meeting again with Sora, he reiterates the fact that he is Namine's true protector, but Sora's wrecked memories keep getting in the way. Sora defeats him once again, but when he goes over to help him up, Riku Replica retaliates and knocks Sora down. Right before he was able to deliver the coup de grace, Namine shatters Riku Replica's false memories and his heart. Larxene later interferes and explains to Sora the replica's nature (as a quick reminder, Sora never realized he was a replica up until this point). Angered, Sora defeats Larxene for all of her harsh words and deceit she had given him. Riku Replica comes back later when Marluxia battles Sora at the end of the castle. Although his memories were erased, he still remembers the oath to protect Namine at all cost. He protects her through out the battle of Sora and Marluxia. In the end, Riku Replica leaves Sora and Namine, saying that he doesn't deserve to be with them because he is a fake. However, Sora tries to comfort him, making Riku Replica smile from the warmth and kindness he is given. He leaves and goes off to complete his last goal: defeat the real Riku.

After leaving Namine and Sora behind, Riku Replica meets up with Axel, another member of the Organization. Axel uses Riku Replica to enact Saix's plan to get rid of the "traitors" of the Organization. They seek out the already wounded Zexion, who is initially shocked to see them. Zexion at first believes Axel is with the real Riku, but soon figures out that it is just the replica. Axel gives the replica a crazy idea - telling him that if he gains power that the real Riku doesn't have, it will be a piece of cake defeating him. He would become something real, and would no longer be known as someones counterpart. Agreeing with what Axel says, he goes up to Zexion and drains the life force out of him, giving him some of Zexion's powers. Riku Replica is later seen in a memory vision in Twilight Town where he meets the real Riku once more. The replica remarks that Riku no longer feared the Darkness, in which he earns the original's confusion in return. Riku Replica replies that he is Riku, and thus he would know everything about his counterpart. Feeling annoyed, Riku remarks that he is himself, and no one could possibly be him. Angered because of the fact that he is "a fake", the Riku Replica taps his Dark powers, and states that in the end, he was still nothing but a replica, even after gaining new power. Blinded by jealousy and rage for being nothing but a fake, Riku Replica engages the original in a fierce and extensive battle. In the end, despite Riku Replica's new found powers, he is defeated and slowly fades back into the Darkness that possessed him. With his dying breath, he asks Riku where a replica's heart like his would go. Riku comforts the replica, stating that it would go to the same place as his. The replica smiles, and remarks "A faithful replica until the very end. That's... okay", before fading back into the Darkness.


Riku Replica fights with the same style as the real Riku, but his sleights use different requirements than Riku's sleights. For example, Riku can only use Dark Aura with three 9's, a total of 27. However, the Replica can use any three cards, granted the right types of cards are used, such as 4, 7, and 8, to perform Dark Aura. He never uses the Dark Break Sleight. Instead he substitutes it for a sleight called "Helm Split". He is also more aggressive, which leads to some open moments during his battles.

Riku Replica is physically identical to Riku as he appears in Kingdom Hearts: he has the same skin tone, bright blue eyes, and shoulder-length silver hair. He initially appears in Riku's standard outfit, but quickly shifts into his Dark Mode form, and remains in the latter outfit for the remainder of his appearance. His suit is similar to that of Vanitas's, having a certain muscular quality, and his sword, Soul Eater, has a small blue emblem similar to Vanitas's Void Gear.

When fighting Riku Replica, it is recommended to have these few enemy cards, but not limited to, in your deck at all times: Jafar, Oogie Boogie, Vexen and Card Soldier. You will also need a few Magic Cards, Attack Cards (numbered 7-0) and Item Cards other than Potion. Equip the Jafar enemy card and start attacking. When that runs out equip the Card Soldier enemy card and use that, then when those run out use magic and other cards but make sure to save the Oogie Boogie boss card until you are low on health. Another option is to start with the Vexen card and if you die use the Oogie Boogie card or a bunch of high-numbered Cure Cards to revive yourself to then use the Jafar or Card Soldier Card.

Without boss cards, you should stock up cards numbered 7-9, an Elixir and a Hi-Potion at the least, two or three Stop cards (for the Lethal Frame sleight), two or three Cure cards and some 0 cards at the end of the deck (to break the Replica's attacks). You might want to insert some Premium Cards in to save CP. Use sleights when possible; sleights are an effective way to cause great damage to the Replica (depending on which sleights are used). Keep bashing the Replica with Sleights, reload (using an Item Card) and heal when necessary.

As a final alternative, you will need the Sleight Sonic Blade and different types of attack cards with high numbers to form Sonic Blade. You will also need to put the cards in order to keep stocking cards. At the end of you deck you should put an Elixir or one or two Hi-Potions. A Cure card is optional. If you don't have many cards that can make Sonic Blade, use Blitz. It is also good to have Cloud cards in the deck, though this is optional. Stock up three cards to get the Sleight Sonic Blade and use it. Try to get all the hits in, then keep doing this until you run out of attack cards. Use an Elixir or Hi-Potion to recover all your cards. Keep repeating this to easily beat him.

the replica and the witch

When Riku Replica was created by Vexen, his main purpose was to take over Riku's memories and help make the real Riku go back into the darkness. Namine controls all of the memories that Riku Replica has, as well as Sora. She made Riku Replica remember her, Sora, and him all together and friends, just like he was the real Riku and she was Kairi. As the story unfolds, and Riku Replica runs into Sora, he tells Sora its all his fault that Namine left Destiny Islands and to go home. He makes it known that Namine hates Sora and she wants him to protect her now. Sora gets angry, not understanding why Riku is treating him like this. (Sora does not realize its not his true friend Riku, but a puppet playing him). Even when Vexen is dead and Sora tells him he can be free and get out of the castle, he tells Sora that he's protecting Namine from Sora because it is what his heart is telling him to do. Riku Replica tells Sora about his promise:
"There was a meteor shower one night when she and I were little...Namine got scared and said, "What if a shooting star hits the islands?" So I told her, "If a shooting star comes this way, I'll protect you" And then -"
When Sora says that it was his memory with Namine and that his is fake. Riku Replica gets angry when Sora pulls out a charm, and he is convinced that Sora is lying to him because he has the same charm from Namine. The reason that Riku Replica is so hurt is because the only memories he has is with Namine and Sora. The fact that Namine could possibly be lying to him is out of the question because it is very apparent that his feelings for her are more than just friendly.

In one of the final moments, Riku Replica starts attacking Sora. In a panic, Namine screams for him to stop, but his anger overwhelms him and he flings towards him. Namine breaks Riku Replica's heart and destroys his memories. Larxene pops in and tells Sora what she has done and who Riku Replica really is. Although everyone thought he would be dead because his puppet is now just a shell with nothing inside, Riku Replica comes to save Namine from Marluxia's evil ways.
"What did I ever have? My body and heart are fake. But there's one thing you can't take from me anyway... even if it is a lie! I will protect Namine. Phantom promise or not, it's MY promise!"
He explains that even without true memories of his own, he will always be there to support and save Namine from anyone or anything. She is the only one he can remember even when everything was taken from him and she is the only one that means something to him. Even though he doesn't have any clue who he is, Namine is something semi-stable in his fake world. Sora tells Riku Replica to keep Namine safe, and he agrees that he will during the battle of Marluxia v. Sora. After the battle is over, Riku Replica is depressed because he realizes the only two people who he thought were his foundation turned out to be fake.

Although Namine's feelings for Riku Replica cant compare to his for her, she still feels terrible about what she was forced to do to Riku Replica and Sora. As a witch that is under control by the Organization, she was forced to tamper with all of their memories to manipulate them into falling into traps set up by the Organization. Riku Replica still stayed by her side, even after she smashed his heart and his memories of her. This shows that there was always something in his "heart" for her. The dedication he has for her through it all is very cute and although they cant be together in the end, I still think he is very charming for always staying be her side, even if he was tricked into believing they had chemistry in the beginning.

trivia facts about the replica

1. Riku Replica is known as "Repliku" in the German editions of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
2. Riku Replica is mentioned in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days once Xion is revealed to be a replica. He is mentioned to be part of the "Replica Program" as a numberless replica. He is also mentioned in Axel's own secret report saying that he is the only one who understands that Riku Replica had gained a sense of self. He also writes about his regrets in using Riku Replica as a tool.
3. Riku Replica is depicted in one of the drawings in the White Room in Kingdom Hearts II by Namine.
4. Riku Replica is briefly mentioned by Riku during his visit at Prankster's Paradise in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. After meeting black coated version of himself, Riku tells Pinocchio and Jiminy that once he gave into darkness he had to face it in many forms, mentioning "a puppet replica of shadows in his heart." After saying this, player obtains Chain of Memories memento.
5. In an omake called "The Strange Tale of Riku Replica," he is revived and on the search for Namine. She was missing and in place there was a half-eaten piece of chicken instead. He takes it for a good luck charm. Before he leaves, he visits the grave of Vexen and asks him why he was made. Many Replicas of Vexen appear stating "We are all failed replicas", and the Riku Replica picks up a hobo's bindle and leaves, saying he needs to find himself, only to find that Vexen's Replicas won't leave him alone.
6. Riku Replica is often refered to as "the Riku Replica."

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